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Swiss Village East Property Owners Association
Meeting Minutes
 May, 2004


Members present : Sharon Koppe, John Apfel Jr.,Ralph Crosslin,Lonne Petroskey, Allen Wolf on telephone. Meeting called to order by President Sharon Koppe. Minutes of April meeting presented by secretary Lonne Petroskey. Motion made to accept minutes as read. Motion seconded and passed. Under old business: Some items were left out of proposed restrictions that need to be included. They concern commercial use of property, all out buildings are to be referred to as accessory buildings, the section on freeboard structures and board approval of variations. A question concerning the time frame for approval of restrictions was discussed, and if we could get approval in time for the Annual Meeting in October. A proposal was made to send Jerry Sommer a letter concerning his violation of the fence restrictions and his problems with his neighbor. It was brought to the attention of the board that Gary Durzynski had not put a deck on his house as per approved plans. If he has chosen not to build a deck, he should be asked if he wants a variation of the original plan. The architectural committee needs to record this modification. John Apfel reported on the resurfacing of the basketball court, and the progress of obtaining equipment for the Children's Park. We discussed the requirement for the base under the equipment. A time was proposed for a clean-up day and what needs to be done. Sharon Koppe reported on a discussion with the snow-plowing contractor and his reluctance to renew the contract. Sharon Koppe presented a proposal from the grass cutting contractor to mow road shoulders and park areas for the same cost as last year. He is willing to do extra work for a fee. The proposal was approved. John Apfel reported that the Road Commission had agreed to repair road shoulders and pot holes on all paved roads in Swiss Village East.

No report from Social Committee. A trip to Interlochen Music Camp was discussed as a possibility. A suggestion was made to give additional responsibilities to the Architectural Committee. It was decided to give this suggestion more study. The final version of a letter from Ralph Crosslin giving reasons for revisions of restrictions was read and approved for news letter.

A brief discussion of the need to review the covenants and by-laws was put forth. This will be brought up at the Annual Meeting. Allen Wolf reported on the web site. The web site had to be rebuilt due to non-payment of fees so Allen renewed for the next ten years. Allen also reported on the possible sale of lots 162 and 163, and the payoff of the lien of approximately three thousand dollars.

The next meeting will be June 14, 2004 at the Ski Patrol Building.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, Lonne Petroskey Secretary.

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