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Board of Directors
March 18, 2006

1. Approval of Minutes: . Approval of Minutes: 
Motion by Wendling second by Olson to approve December 2005 Annual Meeting Minutes.
Motion passed 5-0.

Motion by Peter Wendling seconded by Pat Olson to approve January 7, 2005 Meeting Minutes.
Motion passed 5-0.

2. Taking of the Roll:
In Attendance: Peter Wendling, Lonne Petroskey, Ralph Crosslin, Pat Olson, Bill Law; 
Absent: Wayne Koppe, Sharon Koppe, Tim Suppes, Lee Baumann 

3. Additions to Agenda: None

4. Old Business: None 

5. New Business:

• Treasurer’s Report
Lonne Petroskey provided an update on current bills. Smith Barney$20,022.39 National City $6549.68; Collected $8465 dues. 

Liens will be placed on properties 3 years in arrears. Currently 17 properties are 3 years in arrears. Lonne sends out reminders to delinquent property owners. Reminders usually yield positive results. Lonne will give a report on expected annual revenue from membership dues at the July meeting.

North Country Sanitation was contacted regarding trash removal. It does not have 8 yard dumpsters in stock but will service SVE if we provide a dumpster. Lonne will call American Waste for a quote.

Lonne gave an update on movement of Smith Barney account. He will make changes as approve at January meeting.

• Spring/Summer Maintenance
Grass cutting contract will come soon. Four cuts are needed in addition to that of the County. Bill Law provided Northern Exposure quotes as attached. Bill will take suggested modifications to Northern Exposure and will contact Board Members by email for a decision. Moved by Peter Wendling seconded by Pat Olson to authorize Bill Law to enter into a contract with Northern Exposures for summer maintenance not to exceed $3000; schedule attached.
Motions passed 5-0.

• Tennis Court Removal
Bill Law presented quotes from Bert’s Excavating, Inc. and Buffman & Sons (see attached) for removal of tennis court. Moved by Peter Wendling seconded by Pat Olson to accept the bid by Bert’s Excavating for removal of tennis court with amendments as attached. Motion passed 5-0.

• Web site update
Peter Wendling is working with the law office technical person to develop a new SVE Website.
Moved by Lonne Petroskey second by Ralph Crosslin to authorize Wendling to spend up to $200 for initial setup of website. Motion passed 5-0. 

• Newsletter
Peter Wendling will put final touches on newsletter for distribution to board members for approval.

• Archetectural Committee
Bill Law provided an update on current projects.

6. Non Agenda Items
• Lonne Petroskey reported that Apex Oil has purchased Schuss Mt./Shanty Creek with plans to make it the premier resort in Northern Michigan. Apex currently owns a number of upscale resorts across the country.

• Riverside Park Sign – tabled.

• Sweatshirts for retired Board Members. Lonne is compiling a list of retired board members.

• Moved by Peter Wendling second by Ralph Crosslin to authorize Lonne Petroskey to have dumpster sign installed. Motion passed 5-0.

• July Meeting Agenda Items:
Treasures Report to include bills for approval.
Meeting site will be the Law Office.

7. Moved by Lonne Petroskey second by Pat Olson to adjourn to Children’s Play Park. Motion passed 
5-0 Meeting adjourned at 11:12 a.m. 

8. Children’s Play Park Needs:
• 6x6 erosion barrier with woodchip fill
• Caged rock near basketball court
• No fence required
• Plantings to retard erosion
• Bill Law will get a quote from Ultimate Designs for signage

The next meeting is scheduled for July 15, 2006.

Respectfully Submitted by Ralph Crosslin 

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