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                                                                              Swiss Village East Annual Meeting

                                                                                    Saturday October 13, 2018

                                                                                                   10:00 a.m.

                                                                                          Northwoods Lodge




I.    Call to Order & Welcome

      a.  Meeting was called to order at 10:06 AM


II.   Roll Call

      a.  Board members- Robert Durga, Robert Poupard, Heidi Shaffer, Lonne Petroskey, Ralph Crosslin, Mike Sherman (phone), Mark Berghoef, (phone), Aleta Berghoef (phone)

      b.  Guests- Brad Whalley, Gail Whalley, Al Leach, Stephanie Koppe, John Gohlke, Rick McCarron, John Bissiy, Bonnie Bissiy, Allen Wolf, Mandy Garver


III.    Approval of July 21, 2018 Minutes

      a.  Approval of July meeting minutes by Heidi, and a second by Ralph.

IV.    Real Estate update with Stephanie Koppe.

      a.   Lot 210 and lot 47 are owned by SVEPOA.  These lots are to be put up for sale per approved process.

      b.  The Mark B. process to be affirmed by Lonne.  Amended motion to include a $1500 minimum bid was approved by Heidi and seconded by Rob.

      c.   Follow up with Stephanie on any additional details and proper paths forward per case basis.

V.   Elections

      a.   Lonne and Bob Durga counted ballots.  The election results for additional terms are below:

           1.  Robert Durga

           2.  Aleta Berghoef

           3.  Rick McCarron

           4.  Brad Whalley,

           5.  Heidi Shaffer


VI.   Treasurer’s Report

**** Need to insert table****




      b.  Dues look to still be ~80%

      c.   Mark B. moved to approve the financial report.  Heidi seconded the motion.


VII.   President’s Report

      a.   Ralph went through the Presidents report and thanked everyone for their contributions to the association.  (And Thank you Ralph)   Presidential report can be viewed on the SVEPOA website

      b.  Rick McCarron made a recommendation to send an email to give a short summary of bullets points on property restrictions.


VIII.   Old Business

      a.   Cedar River Property Damage

            1.  There has been no response from the property owner since the board letter was sent.

            2.  An official letter from the DEQ did get sent with a response (Heidi)

            3.  The current owners will need to obtain all appropriate permits for any future build

      b.  Selling Recently Acquired Lots

            1.  This topic was covered above in Section IV.

      c.   Forestry Health/Tree Harvesting

            1.  Heidi agreed to write a letter to all property owners for Forestry health.

            2.  Review feedback from owners at the next meeting.

      d.     Speed Limit Signs Update

            1.  No update

      e.   Size of SVEPOA Board

            1.  No change

      f.      Process for Keeping SVEPOA Website and Owners List Current

            1.  Aleta had mentioned keeping property owner list updated to prevent kickback.

            2.  Lonne provided a list of all new property owners in the last 2 years.

      g.     Children’s Park – Mulch or Pavement

            1.  Lonne will quote concrete and stair work for the pavilion.

      h.     Other

            1.  John Gohlke mentioned plume monitoring for owners north of the Cedar River for better understanding of the water quality.


IX.   New Business

      a.   Nextdoor Social Media Possibilities

            1.  Nextdoor can be a much more powerful tool if utilized more.  Continue to improve involvement

            2.  Website- send out an update to the association on website links, logins, knowhow, etc.

      b.  Review of SVEPOA Welcome Packets

            1.  Allen will work with Aleta on new welcome packets

      c.   Other

            1.  Rick McCarron mentioned powerline erosion.


X.   Calendar

      a.   1st 2019 meeting will be Saturday Jan. 12. At Lonne’s house

XI.   Adjournment

      a.   Meeting adjourned at 12:02pm

XII.   Luncheon Provided by Allen & Mandy with Entertainment by James Dake. 

      a.   A special thanks to Allen and Mandy for hosting and providing a wonderful lunch!     



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