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Swiss Village East Property Owners Association

President’s Report

Annual Meeting October 14, 2017

10:00 A.M.

Schuss Mt. Ski Patrol Room


Dear fellow property owners,

Once again, it has been my privilege to serve as your president during the past year. I wish to remind you that with any organization, it takes the devotion and commitment to service of many individuals to assure that our beautiful community continues to offer a peaceful respite from the day-to-day stresses of modern life. I wish to thank my fellow Board Members: Lonne Petroskey, Allen Wolf, Dennis Melton, Mike Sherman, Doug Meyers, Patrick O’Neill, Heidi Shaffer, Aleta Berghoef, and Bob Durga for their service. I would also like to thank each property owner for the little things you do that often make a difference: picking up trash during a peaceful walk, removing fallen branches from the roads, sharing information such as the recent bear sighting on the social website Nextdoor, the list goes on.

During the past year the SVEPOA Board has addressed a number of items. Following is a summary, in no particular order, of these efforts:

Road Dedication to Antrim County:

This has been a particularly important year in the history of Swiss Village East Sections 2-4. After years of contemplating the cost and ultimate necessity of dedicating the roads in these sections to the Antrim County Road Commission, the mission is essentially completed.  The necessary legal forms and documents have or are in the process of being filed.  Thank you to all of our property owners who complied with the necessary, often confusing, legal paperwork required in this endeavor. Thank you to the law firm of Young, Graham and Wendling for their work at a more than reasonable retainer. Special thanks to Nicole and Therry for their professionalism and to Peter for his personal attention. And finally, a special thanks to Allen and Lonne for bird dogging the process from beginning to end. Without their follow-up and follow through, we would still be at it.

Erosion Control:

The Sled Hill grass condition continues to improve and efforts to curtail wheeled vehicle use of other powerline easements are in process. It is important to remember that these areas are the private property of Swiss Village East. Use is restricted to foot traffic and snowmobiles by property owners and their accompanied guests. Additional signage will be posted to improve compliance.


Formal complaints will be filed with the Antrim County Sherriff against trespassers. Enforcement is a collective effort. Report violations to the president or other board members. Please be as detailed as possible.


VRBO (short term rentals):

It never hurts to remind ourselves that we live in a peaceful community that respects the right of all our neighbor to enjoy the solitude of our surroundings while providing for festive gatherings.


Occasionally property owners choose to rent their homes on a short term basis. In order to preserve the solitude of our community, the Board continues to request that property owners include a provision in the rental contract that stipulates a quiet time from 10:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M.


Nextdoor :

For those new to the community or unfamiliar with its valuable social network, Nextdoor is a neighborhood oriented, social network available to communities such as SVE. Membership is by invitation only. At this time, several SVE property owners have signed up with the network. Although it is not an official part of SVEPOA, you may enjoy participating. Allen Wolf is administering the site. He has invited property owners with active email accounts on file with SVEPOA. If you are interested in an invitation or want additional information send an email to or


Other Updates:

The Board continues to pursue posting Speed Limit Signs. Heidi is in conversation with the road commission on this issue. Our current thinking is to have the limit set at 35 MPH.


As a means of adding Additional Security, Al Leach has a number of wildlife trail cameras that he sets up at random locations such as mailbox stands and powerline easement entrances and exits. The resolution is such that identification of vandals and/or trespassers is possible. Thank you, Al.


Annual Pool Passes for Schuss Mountain/Shanty Creek are available for purchase for SVE property owners for $100.00 at the desk at the Summit. They are not valid at Cedar Village.


Thank you to Burt Thompson from the Antrim County Road Commission. With his assistance, $100,000 of maintenance was performed on our roads last year!


The SVE Website is Thank you Allen Wolf for keeping this website running!


Thank you once again for your support and all that you do for SVEPOA! Remember once again, Board membership is not an exclusive club! Please consider serving. We meet just four times a year and occasionally via email. Members who cannot physically attend any given meeting have the option of calling in from remote locations. I for example, have called in from Yakutat, Alaska to every meeting this year and will do so once again at the annual meeting. Allen Wolf has called in from as far away as Thailand. Try it out some time! The call-in number has changed to:  +1 (605) 468-8001. The access code is still:  538739#.


Ralph O. Crosslin, President


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