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April 2009
Dear SVE Property Owner,
Don’t you just love Spring?  The landscape has turned green and nowhere is it more lush than in Swiss Village East.  It makes me feel good all over.  And it makes all of us get excited about beautification.
Saturday, May 23 has been designated SVE Beautification Day.  We hope you will join us so we can get the maximum number of projects completed.  Here’s a list of some of the proposed projects:
*  Repair of mailbox stands
*  Varnishing of mailbox stands
*  Clean up of parks
*  Set up of volleyball court
*  Installation of new tetherball
*  Begin construction of pavilion in play park
*  Assembling picnic table at the Cedar River overlook
As one might expect, the recession is having its impact on Antrim County.  Many of the major area businesses have shuttered their doors.  The latest victims are Second Chance in Central Lake (manufacturer of bullet-proof vests) which will close by year end and Tapawingo’s Restaurant in Ellsworth.  On the bright side, our very own John Apfel, who built most of the log homes in SVE, has purchased and re-opened the Blue Sky Grill. 
In the midst of all this, remarkably, Swiss Village East is going strong.  Several property owners are making major improvements.  Properties continued to sell at a reasonable pace.   Whether this will continue is anyone’s guess.
If you haven’t received any emails from us this year, it means we don’t have a valid email address for you.  With the growing cost of snail mail (U.S. Mail) and the amount of work involved with printing, labeling and stuffing envelopes, we will continue to depend on email as the main method of communication.  If you don’t have an email address, think about getting one or asking a relative or friend if you can use their email address to receive mail from SVE.  If you don’t, you can miss out on some great opportunities like the one described below.
The following information was shared in March with people for whom we have a valid email address.
We have an exciting development. We are exploring opportunities to partner with Shanty Creek and we have found Shanty Creek to be receptive.
Specifically, SVE owners were invited to a "Shanty Creek Property Owners Only" event the weekend of May 2. The event includes free golf at any of their golf courses, a 60’s party, prizes and more.    Also, Shanty Creek will add your contact information to their distribution list UNLESS YOU INDICATE THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTACTED BY SHANTY CREEK.
Finally, our email informed SVE Owners that Shanty Creek had an excellent season pass offer going on until March 31 (only $198 for an unlimited pass for next season).
Shanty Creek has agreed to add Swiss Village East property owners to their distribution list for notices such as this. This can be a significant benefit in that deals such as the one above are not communicated to the general public. If you do not wish to be included please let me know by May 15.
Please note that the SVEPOA Board is providing this information to you as a service and has initiated this communication with Shanty Creek on your behalf. Board Members do not receive any benefits from publicizing Shanty Creek's offerings other than that which you receive. A successful Shanty Creek is also good for SVE. \
Best wishes,
SVE Board of Directors
Allen Wolf
Peter Wendling  
Lonne Petroskey
Bill Law
Ken Thomas
Sue Williams
Pat Olson
Wayne Koppe
Sharon Koppe
Bill Wolz

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