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SVE Property Owners Association
Meeting of the Board of Directors  -- July 17, 2010


Meeting was called to order at 10:15AM, July 17, 2010.


Meeting took place at the Law Offices of Young, Graham, Elsenheimer, & Wendling, P.C. located at 104 E Forrest Home Ave Bellaire , MI 49615-5109 .

Present were Phyllis Leach, Lonnie Petroskey, Peter Wendling, Allen Wolf, Sue Williams, and William Wolz


 A motion was made by Pat to approve the meeting minutes of April 8th, 2010.  (Approved)  

The Financial Report was given by Lonnie.  He highlighted that the Association is less than $1000.00 behind in dues collection compared to last year.  The Treasurer Report was accepted and approved.

 The Architectural Report was not addressed due to the absence of Bill Law, however a recent garage construction by Roger Fulkerson was praised for its high standards by Sue Williams.  

Old Business

 The resident possessing chickens was informed of the rules concerning the restriction on raising farm animals on properties within the Association.

 A home on Cedar River has been discussed concerning the appearance of the property and the misbehavior of the owner’s dogs.  Lonnie and Allen have talked with this resident in the past.  Phyllis suggested that the unsightly wood pile and trailer should be removed.  As for the dogs running and chasing walkers-by, animal control has been contacted several times but no action has been taken to date.  Allen suggested possible solutions for solving this problem.  These were a letter to the local newspaper editor emphasizing the lack of response by the County Animal Control, putting a lien on the property if it is delinquent in dues, or a letter from the SVE Association to appropriate authorities and or the newspaper editor.  Peter offered to call Dan Bean as a first step regarding this issue.  This was approved by Board Vote.  

The maintenance work concerning the County was addressed and agreed to be acceptable, however,

Corey Ct. needs to be graded.  Trees North, the contracted service company, will be contacted by Lonnie

regarding this task. This was approved by a Board Vote.

 Trees North also responded to a complaint concerning the inadequate mowing service regarding some

areas and they agreed to complete the job to our satisfaction.

 Peter reported that Consumer’s Power will be doing maintenance on their power boxes beginning this fall.

The most problematic power lines will also be replaced.

The issue regarding obtaining high speed internet for SVE has not changed.  Sue stated that she has called

AT & T regularly, to no avail.  Lonnie also has contacted them on this issue.

 New Business

 Allen suggested that the park hill under the power lines be groomed for sledding.  Costs and insurance

coverage will be explored for this issue and discussed at the next meeting.

 The Secretary has been directed to prepare the ballots for the Annual Meeting that will take place at

!0:00AM, on October 9, 2010 at the Ski Patrol Room at Schuss MT. Village .  Allen suggested that people

should to be solicited to run for the Board Offices and that a committee may be needed to explain the

responsibilities of each office.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30AM.  

William Wolz, Secretary


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