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2005 Annual Meeting
December 17, 2005



1. Taking of the Roll:

Peter Wendling called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.

In Attendance: Peter Wendling, Lonne Petroskey, Ralph Crosslin, Pat Olson

Absent: Wayne Koppe, Sharon Koppe, Tim Suppes, John Apfel Jr, Allen Wolf, Lee Baumann


2. Approval of Minutes:

Moved by Petroskey, second by Wendling to approve March 2005 Minutes. Motion passed 4-0.


3. Additions to Agenda:

Add under New Business, J. Purchase of file cabinet for storage of bank records.

4. Comments from Association Members attending:

Members suggested the following

¨ Posting a sign at the dumpster restricting use to SVE property owners

¨ Current status of Children’s Park

¨ Need for additional mailboxes for residents

¨ Removal of tennis court which has become an eyesore

¨ Reduction in number of SVE Board Members


5. Election of New Board Members:

The following SVE Property Owners names were place in nomination for terms beginning in 2006:

¨ Peter Wendling

¨ Lonne Petroskey

¨ Wayne Koppe

¨ Lee Bauman

¨ Bill Law

¨ Heidi Lang

¨ Ken Thomas

Pat Olson and Ralph Crosslin were appointed as tellers. The following member were elected:

¨ Peter Wendling

¨ Lee Bauman

¨ Lonne Petroskey

¨ Bill Law

¨ Wayne Koppe

SVE Board Members whose terms will expire in 2006 are:

¨ Pat Olson

¨ Ralph Crosslin

¨ Sharon Koppe

¨ Allen Wolfe

¨ Tim Suppes


6. Election of Officers:

Election of officers was moved to the January Board Meeting.


7. Old Business:

¨ Parks Budget

$8000 was allocated to the Children’s Park Budget in 2005. Current progress includes:

o Swing set

o Barbeque

Items suggested for purchase/installation:

o Bench

o Picnic table

o Erosion control

January meeting will address park issues.


8. New Business:

¨ Building Restrictions

Peter Wendling discussed the status of Building Restrictions indicating that pending legislation may eliminate the need of a super majority to amend existing building restrictions. This would allow SVE Property Owners to more quickly determine the outcome of current efforts.

¨ Dumpster Renewal

Lonne Petroskey informed the Board that the Waste Management contract will expire in May, 2006. Proposed rates have jumped from $180-190 per month to $300 per month. North Country Sanitation will provide equivalent service for approximately $100 less than Waste Management. Discussion followed. The Board will act on a new contract at the January meeting.

¨ Winter Mainenance

o E. J. Castle provide excellent snow removal service to Correy Ct., Dumpster, and Mailboxes at a cost of $400 during $2005.

Moved by Wendling second by Crosslin to approve Winter 2006 Snow Removal Contract with E. J. Castle for service at Correy Ct., Dumpster, and Mailboxes. Motion passed 4-0.

o Discussion regarding placement of sand barrel at SVE entrance failed to receive support.

¨ Amendment to By-Laws

Moved by Olson second by Wendling to reduce the number of Board of Directors members by one member per year until membership is reduced to seven members with top nominees available as alternates if members were not available. SVE Members in attendance were polled. Motion passed 9-1.

¨ President’s Report

Peter Wendling provided the President’s Report. (See attached.)

o Problem maintaining a quorum at SVE Board Meetings during 2005 even at reduced schedule of five meetings.

o Annual Meeting in May as provided in By-Laws has been held in the Fall for years.

o Children’s Play Park progress and need to stay within budget

o Winter maintenance well taken care of

o Need for additional grass cutting by Northern Expressions during 2006

o Need for stronger Architectural Committee enforcement – example, property excavated prior to AC approval

¨ Treasurer’s Report

o Lonne Petroskey reported that there are 43 homes in Phases 1-4 with 5 new homes in construction and 1 in the permit phase.

o 25 full time residents

o Late notices will be sent to SVE Property Owner who have yet to remit 2006 dues.

Moved by Wendling, second by Olson to accept Treasure’s Report as presented. Motion passed 4-0.


¨ Meeting Dates for 2006

Motion by Wendling second by Olson to set dates for 2006 Board of Directors and Annual Meeting as follows:

o January 7 10:00 a.m. Law Office

o March 18 10:00 a.m. Law Office

o July 15 10:00 a.m. Ski Patrol Building

o October 7 10:00 a.m. Annual Meeting Ski Patrol Building

Motion passed 4-0.

¨ SVE Newsletter

Bill Law will head efforts to publish the Newsletter twice a year

¨ SVE Website

Updating of SVE Website will be discussed at the January meeting.

¨ File Cabinet

Moved by Wendling second by Olson to purchase two two drawer file cabinets to house SVE records. Motion passed 4-0.


9. Other Comments:

¨ Praise by former SVE Property Owner, Ted Lahti, at appearance of community. He has made an offer to purchase the Schuss Mountain and Shanty Creek operation and would offer SVE Property Owners discounted memberships if his offer is accepted.

¨ Board of Directors will keep close tabs on budget

¨ Need for Board Members to attend all meetings preferably in person or by conference call if necessary

¨ Architectural Committee Enforcement. The following will be referred to the AC:

o John Apfel Sr. complaint about unauthorized letter to property owners regarding numbers and types of homes under construction. He also has concerns for property owners of long standing who may desire to place a log home on their property.

o President Wendling’s assurance that letter was unauthorized, however prior approval by AC is required before any excavation, construction, tree removal, etc. may begin.

o Bill Law for AC reaffirmed that the committee is concerned about the number of dissimilar buildings (log homes in this case) accumulating in certain areas.


10. Adjournment:

Moved by Wendling second by Olson to adjourn. Motion passed 4-0. Meeting adjourned at ______________.




Respectfully Submitted by Ralph Crosslin for Allen Wolf

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