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Swiss Village East Property Owners Association
Meeting Minutes
September 1, 2001


In Attendance: (Northwoods Lodge) Karen and Bill Law, Allen Wolf, Theresa and Ray Bertolini, Phil Bertolini, Lonne Petroskey, Jerry Sommer, Heidi Manning, (Bloomfield Hills) Howard Benford.


General Membership Meeting


The General Membership meeting will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2001 at Northwoods Lodge at 10:00 AM.  We actually will begin at 9:30 AM with the dedication ceremony at George Johnson Riverside Park.  We will then go to Northwoods Lodge.  We are seeking a host site downstate for a telephone hook-up.  Contact Allen to volunteer.


Nomination of Board Members

The following Board member terms are expiring: Wayne Koppe, Howard Benford, Doug Galbraith, Heidi Manning, Arnie Hurst.


Lonne Petroskey agreed to be nominated for the Board.  Bill Law will talk to Al Leach, and Dorothy Lehmann  to determine interest in a Board position.


 Report from Heidi Lang


Heidi is now working for the County in conservation.  She will work with Lonne Petroskey on permits he needs to dump landfill from his property in the depressed area east of the Basketball Court.  Lonne will be responsible for covering the cinderblock and other debris with sufficient topsoil.


Heidi has formed a subcommittee to work over the winter on the plans for enhancing the George Johnson Riverside Park.  (Editor's Note: A stone was placed in the park on Sept 2 identifying the new name of the park.  The park will be officially dedicated at the October 27 General Membership meeting.


New SVE Sign


Everyone had a chance to view the sketch for the new sign for the entranceway to SVE.  The Board approved of the general design with a few modifications. The sign will cost about $3000.  The Board requested Bill to go back to the sign company and make the following changes:
            -       Change the font for the word "East" to the

                    same as Swiss Village

-                     Add the SVE letters to the mountains at the top (using the old symbol)

-                     Consider removing the black border around the letters

-                     Make the background blue


Other Signage Issues


Bill will work with Lonne on the placement of the SVE entrance sign and discuss landscaping around the sign.

The Board thanked Jerry Sommer for getting the children at play signs up.

Ray Bertolini will talk to Asquine about adding a SVE sign to the Schuss Village signage at the intersection of Schuss Mt Road and the drive leading to Schuss Village.




Allen will prepare a newsletter to be mailed prior to the Annual General Meeting.


Architectural Committee


Jerry will prepare letters to property owners based on the Board's input. 


Shoulder Maintenance


The road shoulders were brush hogged this week at a cost of $385.  The board authorized doing some weed-wacking.


Fred Hunt, County Road Commissioner, tour SVE on Friday with Jerry and Bill, at Jerry's request.


We will need to trim trees in the Spring.  Many trees are encroaching on the road.  Allen will ask the county to do it.


Financial Issues


The board agreed to set up a local bank account to use for expenses that come up under $1000.  Wayne will work with Jerry to set it up.  Jerry requested that the account be at CB North in Bellaire where he normally banks.


We discussed reviewing the Board's insurance policy. Allen will talk to Wayne.  We will review insurance issues at next meeting.


Dues Collections and Liens


We have collected back dues on several properties recently which are being sold.  We have had about 4 or 5 owners on Cedar River take advantage of the amnesty program prior to the July deadline.


Jerry has been looking up purchase dates to facilitate the placement of liens.


The Board confirmed the following policy:


-                     If a delinquent property owner is prepared to pay their full back dues prior to the placement of a lien, we will go back to 1994. 

-                     If a lien is placed, we will go back to the date of purchase. 

-                     There will be no discounts for multiple lot owners.

-                     Bill are mailed in November and are due on January 1

-                     Bills not paid by January 31 will incur a $25 surcharge to cover the cost of collection.

-                     If the dues are not paid by June 30 a lien will be placed.

-                     To remove the lien, the property owner will have to pay the lien fee, which is presently $13.


The motion was made by Allen Wolf, seconded by Phil Bertolini.  Motion was approved unanimously.

 The Board discussed specific requests from various property owners and decisions were made consistent with the above policy.


Corey Court


Allen will contact Fred Hunt regarding paving Corey Court.




The Board agreed to continue to use Peter Wendling for legal services.


Cable TV


The local cable company is interested in bringing cable service into SVE.  Jerry will talk to the township supervisors to determine the arrangements, if any, which have been established.  The cable provider is requesting SVEPOA to underwrite the cost of bringing the cable lines into SVE.


Canoe Trip


Subsequent to the meeting, Jerry Sommer suggested we sponsor a Jordan River canoe trip in the Spring.  We will solicit interest.

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