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  • Minutes

    Swiss Village East Board Meeting

    Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021

    Lonne Petrosky’s Home

    Call to order by president Mark Berghoef at 10:00 AM

    Members present: Mark B, Lonne P., Steph K., Rick M., Julie M., Ralph C., Brad W. and Aleta B. via

    conference call. Absent: Ryan M.

    Visitor: Al Leach

    Minutes of last meeting called for approval. Motion by Rick M. with Second by Ralph C., Motion approved

    Election of officers for coming year: All current officers agreed to continue with exception of Julie M., who

    volunteered to be secretary. The slate of officers then included Mark B., president, Brad W. as Vice president,

    Julie M., as secretary, Lonne P. as treasurer.

    Motion to approve the slate of officers was made by Ralph C. with a second by Rick M. Motion was approved.

    Committee organization was presented with the following agreeing to committee assignments:

    Finance: Lonne P and Rick M. as second with Julie M and Stephanie K. also on committee.

    Grounds and Maintenance: Brad W. chair with Julie M. and Jake (?) Stephanie.

    Social and communications: Aleta B with help from Julie M and Stephanie K with internet up-grade

    Architectural: Rick M.

    Committee Reports:

    Finance: Lonne presented financial report through 12/31/2020 detailing billings and receipts for past year.

    Balances at the end of the year indicated savings account holding $20380.19 and checking with $6417.71

    Also presented was a year-to-year comparison showing receipts and debits from 2011 through the present year

    of 2020.

    Lonne indicated current dues updated with approximately 80% of property holders current on dues collections.

    Grounds and Maintenance: Discussion on concrete picnic table placement, agreed on Cedar River Park once

    power lines are finished.

    Commendations to those maintaining flowers and agreed on flower placement again this year with maintenance

    on flower bed at SVE sign at subdivision entrance.

    Discussion on erosion control again especially on large hill off of Clearview. No resolution at this time.

    Mailbox assignments and repair of mailbox kiosks during summer of 2021.

    Social: Picnic scheduled for July 10, 2021 at shelter. Planning community meeting also during this time.

    Discussion of website up-grade deleting the “For Sale” section and adding general e-mail set up just for board

    members for business purposes.

  • Architectural: Nothing new to report.

    Discussion turned to the up-dating of legal documents for the SVE. All had been informed of the changes

    necessary and the impending cost of $9,000 for completion of the process. After discussion by all present a

    motion for the expenditure was made by Julie M. with a second by Stephanie K. Motion was approved.

    As mentioned in committee reports, July will be the public meeting for information about the up-coming vote

    by the property holders.

    Also Aleta will work on the web updates with help from Julie M. and Stephanie K.

    Meeting dates were set for the next year with the following: 4/10, 7/10, 10/9, 1/8/22 (annual organization


    Old Business: The only thing to report was the completion of the pavilion floor at the shelter in the children’s

    park. Will need some grading and fill after power lines have completed their work.

    Meeting adjourned by acclamation.

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