Minutes of March 15, 2001 Meeting
Swiss Village East Property Owners Association

Phil Bertolini

Doug Galbraith

Allen Wolf

Heidi Lang in attendance


Jerry Sommer and Phil Bertolini are new board members.


Reviewed minutes of last meeting.


Wayne Koppe is doing financial report

We currently have $26,000 in the bank, and are going after worst offenders for dues collection.

We talked about a budget for beautification.  June 9 is to be the annual beautification day.  Want to put flowers under the mail box houses, put up another basketball net so we have a “full court” and maybe have a permanent box with combination lock to store equipment at the court, and want to do some work at Riverside park.  There has been some talk of dedicating the park to George Johnson for all the work he has done for the Association. 


New or prospective owners:

Allen gets notification when we have new owners.  Allan will notify the architectural committee, so that we can go over the bi laws with these folks. Review every month.  We could help the new owners with staking their property for their house and evaluate tree removal.   Karen Law will be asked to be the head of the welcoming committee. 


Annette Naverez is going to do quarterly newsletter and she is checking on bring cable to the area!  Annette, her husband Dave and their 4 children are new property owners.  They are building a new house this summer.


Bi-laws were reviewed.  Must be concise and consistent with interpretation.  For example:  we currently state in the bi-laws that there should be no outbuildings and that garages must be attached.  Currently many folks have outbuildings and there is at least one detached garage in the association.  It is also stated in the bi-laws that RVs, ORVs, and other recreational equipment must be stored inside a building.  Currently many members have such equipment out on their property.  We need to have bi-laws that we all can live with and follow.


Riverside Park:

It was recommended that we get a landscape architect to evaluate improvements at the park.  Heidi said she could do that evaluation.  She can recommend native plants, stairs to get down to the park.  She can do the design, get necessary permits and supervise and be involved in the work.



Roadside/property maintenance

Arnie Hurst has been recommended to provide that assistance.  He has been asked to provide a quote for the work.  Mow road shoulders 1 time in June 2 times in July and once in August.  The mowing should be done at least 4” high.    The shoulders should also be fertilized in the spring and fall.  Heidi to call Arnie.


Want to put together a Package for new/prospective buyers

  • Welcome letter

  • Newsletter

  • Bi laws

  • Restrictions

  • Map of Swiss Village

  • Directory

  • Brochure

  • Shanty brochure

  • Local business listing

  • County brochure

  • Antrim County map


We talked about Cory Court needing to be paved.  Bids are out to SCR and H&D.  Alpine Horn Court was paved by the Association in error since it  was already a County Road.


Need two signatures to pay bills.


Need someone to maintain a database.  Need a master property owners' list for labels/mailings.  Checking on cost of a website.  Phil Bertolini and Heidi Lang are checking on that for the next meeting.

The meeting started at 7:30 and ended at 9:30.  Will have the next meeting at 7:30 on April 19, 2001.  Will conference call – Allen to Heidi….downstate people to Allen’s and up north people at Heidi’s. 

Talk to you all then!

 Respectfully submitted,

 Heidi S. Lang


Heidi’s e-mail:  heidilang3@yahoo.com

Allen’s e-mail:  mailto:allenwolf@yahoo.com

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