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SVE Property Owners Association
Meeting of the Board of Directors  -- July 14, 2012


Meeting was called to order at 10:11AM, July 14, 2012.


Meeting took place at the SVEPOA Pavilion located at the neighborhood park.. Present were Lonne Petroskey, Ralph Croslin, Doug Meyers Sue Williams and William Wolz. 


 A motion was made by Lonne Petroskey to accept the meeting minutes of April, 2012.  Approved.


The Financial Report was given by Lonne Petroskey.  Highlighted were the amount of dues collected ing (11,788.49, and the accounts balances ($32,465.80.)  A motion was made to accept the Financial Report .  Approved.


Architectural Report was not presented.

Some discussion ensured concerning the placement of out buildings such as tool sheds and small barns.  Lonne sited the rule of the association that a property owner must seek permission of the association if the footprint of the structure exceeds 200 square feet.


Old Business


A.      Lonne was complimented for his excellent work on the mailbox stands.  Some discussion was made concerning the movement of single boxes to a cluster.  Some of the property owners have single boxes in front of their residences. And while the Post Office desires these to be moved to a group site, the association has no authority here.  No action will be taken.

B.       Sue Williams summarized her own research concerning the condemnation of the structure located on the SW corner of East Village Drive and Cedar River. To date, she has found that no one (in Custer TWP or Antrim Co.) has any authority to condemn the property.  It is owned by Bank of America and they are disinterested in investing anything into the property.  Sue said that she will continue her efforts to get the structure taken down, even at her own expense.

C.      The bid letter for road repair was discussed and some changes made to prepare it for sending.  A motion was made to send the letter out.  Approved.


New Business


A.     Lonne initiated the subject of new projects.  He suggested that the park needed a retaining wall to hold back the sandy soil.  Erosion was observed at the time of the meeting.  He estimated the wall could be done for less than $5000.00 and extend approximately 100 feet along the Back side of park where the upper level meets the wooded area.  A motion was made to pursue this project.  Approved.

B.    Sue Williams also brought the subject of building a jungle gym at the park.  She will pursue bids on this project.  A motion was made to pursue this project as far as researching costs and builders.  Approved.

C.    Upcoming elections were discussed and the need of members for more board members was discussed.  Several present at this meeting will ask acquaintances and neighbors regarding this issue.


Next Meeting: October 6th   Location will be the Ski Patrol BLDG at Shanty Creek.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:15AM.


William Wolz, Secretary

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