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Swiss Village East Meeting
Saturday October 17, 2015
10:00 a.m.
Ski Patrol Building


I.            Call to Order : The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am.


II.            Roll Call

a.       Board Members: Lonne Petroskey, Dennis Melton, Ralph Crosslin, Heidi Shafer, Doug Meyers.  By Phone: Allen Wolf, Robert Durga. By Proxy: Aleta Berhoef

b.      Other Members and Visitors: Pam and Lance Huffer, Phyllis and Al Leach, Chrys and Howard Benford, Brian Koppe.


III.             Approval July Meeting Minutes: Moved by Dennis, second by Heidi to approve July 11, 2015 Meeting Minutes. Approved.


IV.            Elections: The ballot included: Dennis Melton, Doug Meyers, Lonne Petroskey, Michael Sherman and Allen Wolf. No write-in candidates were offered. Motion by Lonne, second by Heidi to elect those on the ballot by acclimation. Approved.


V.            Treasurer’s Report

a.      Financial Report : Lonne presented the financial report. The Association cumulative balance on all accounts is $31,69.15.

b.      Dues update : $11,089 in dues have been collected through 10-12-15.

c.        Other : Northern Tree will continue to plow Corey Ct. and mailboxes.

Moved by Dennis, second by Heidi to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved.


VI.            Old Business

a.       Highlights of Past Year: Ralph reviewed the highlights presented in the 2015 President’s Report.

b.      Newsletter: No action.

c.       Power Line Easement Signage Update: Dennis has placed 5 signs on one section of the power line easement and will complete the project as soon as possible.

d.      Other: Dennis is working through the process of getting speed limit signs erected. The sledding hill reseeding project is going well.


VII.            New Business

a.      New Projects for Spring:  Walkway and bench along the George Johnson Park will be refurbished. Community Cleanup will be scheduled. Additional Community Watch signs will be erected.

b.      Ski Patrol donation: Lonne will write a $50 check to the Ski Patrol organization for use of its building for the Annual Meeting per past practice.



VIII.            Calendar: Organization meeting will be January 9, 2016 at Ralph Crosslin’s house: 5339 E. Edelweiss Dr.


IX.            Adjournment: Moved by Lonne, second by Dennis to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.


Respectfully submitted by Ralph Crosslin.

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