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Swiss Village East Property Owners Association
April 2009  Board Meeting
Northwoods Lodge
10 AM


Meeting Attendees:


Allen Wolf, Ken Thomas, Sharon and Stephanie Koppe, John and Sue Williams, Lonne Petroskey, Pam Wolz, Pat Olson, Bill Law


Review Minutes   

Minutes of last meeting approved… Motion by Wolf , Second by Lonne.  Unanimous approval


Financial Report


Lonne reported total expenses through April 17 2009 were $758.84

Cash balance $34,930.31

Motion to accept report by Wolf, second by Sue Williams.. Unanimous approval.


Privacy Policy


Board members addressed some concerns about releasing information about property owners names, address, and e-mail address.   Olson suggested that property owners should have the option of  having their information disseminated without first being contacted by the Association for approval. (Olson suggested that SVE should use an “OPT-IN” policy, as opposed to an “OPT-OUT policy for allowing property owners to determine if there email address, phone number and mailing address is shared with outside sources.


Wolf and other members input suggested the information would be disseminated (with some restrictions), unless the property owner would request not to release of information prior.  Olson agreed to set up a privacy policy, with set guide lines for the Association.


The motion was made by Law to release property owner information to other property owners.  The information would not be released,  if requested by the lot owner.  Second by Sue Williams. Unanimously approved.


Letter to Owners


Board members reviewed a letter by Wolf to be sent out to S.V.E. property owners. The letter included information that our Association may have the possibility of  taking a advantage of some of the amenities of Shanty Creek Resort.  If accepted, the Shanty Creek Resort would notify property owners by mail and/or e-mail of  special events at the resort. This option would only be available to S.V.E property owners in good standing.

Motion to accept the letter made by Lonne, seconded by Wolf, Unanimously passed.


Architectural Committee


Law reported that there has been no building request, since the last meeting.  Sharon Koppe requested the Association talk to a property owner who has a washing machine, and other miscellaneous debris in his front yard.  Wolf will talk with the property owners.


Road Issues


Law reported that after the winter plowing several areas have damage sustained by the Antrim Countyplows. It was also noted by Koppe that the street/stop sign was knocked down by the snow removal at Elm and Edelweiss.  Law will write a letter to Antrim County via Peter Wendling.


Welcome package


Pam brought welcome packages for members to review.  Members could only suggest adding property owners regulation to the packet. Board members felt the packets were well planned out and appreciated the work by William and Pam.


Beatification Day  May 23


Projects to include sealing mail box stations and re-lettering mailboxes, and attempt to repair some of the winter damage.  Removal of old unused mail boxes.  Installing the tether ball at the park. 


Park Pavilion


Ken Thomas informed the board that the preliminary cost of building a 24’X 24’ pavilion would be $904 for the frame work and $1406.85 for a metal roof.  Cost of construction not included.

Sue Williams made the motion to build and construct the pavilion after obtaining 3 bids from licensed and insured contractors, for materials and construction by the end of June this year.. Motion seconded by Wolf.

Motion passed


Lawn Service 


Lonne informed the board that Trees North has raised their bid for lawn service 20%.  Because the cost of fuel has dropped from last summers bid, Lonne counter bid the cost remain the same as last year $4,290.

It was suggested by the Board that request for bid from other lawn services.

Lonne will obtain other bid prior to the cutting season


Meeting closed at 12:30

Secretary, William Law

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