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FEB. 15, 2003

Members present: Heidi Lang ,Howard Benford, Phil Bertolini, Lonne

Petroskey.  Also present: Chrys Benford.

Meeting called to order by Heidi.

Treasurer’s report given by Heidi for Allen:

          Starting balance  Jan. 1, 2003       $22,389.01

          Jan income                             5,756.00

          Jan expenses                           1,265.98

          Ending balance  Jan.31,2003           26,879.03


Lot 126 update- All board members voted to offer to purchase the property. If offer is not accepted the board will authorize our attorney

to start legal action.


Discussion turned to status of Cory Court. New house on the corner of Cory Court and West Village Dr. has drive on Cory Court. Because Cory

Court was not accepted by the County, the County does not plow it. (The road is unpaved since the County wouldn’t accept it.) The Board feels

that it is the responsibility of SVEPOA to insure that property owners have access to their homes. The Board will enter into a contract to provide snow plowing of Cory Court.

Paving of Cory Court was also discussed. The view was expressed that if property owners on Cory Court are being assessed taxes as being on a paved road they should have a paved road or have taxes reduced. Paving of Cory Court is estimated to cost approximately $17,000. Paving will be looked into.


The members present felt the Board should send a card to Allen expressing condolence for the passing away of his mother.


Next on the agenda was a situation where property was transferred within a family with back dues owed. If a lien was placed on the property before it was transferred the lien would have to be removed before the property could be transferred. If there was no lien, the property could be transferred without paying back dues. More information is needed on this situation.


The building committee is still working on revised building restrictions.


Heidi raised the issue of hiring a property manager to take care of some of the business aspects of the running the association. It was decided that we needed more information concerning cost and services before we could proceed. Heidi will follow up on this.


Lonne presented the possibility of the Board purchasing a tape recorder to record meetings. He has one that he purchased and could be

re-imbursed for it if it works out well.


Next meeting will be March 15, 2003 at 9 AM. Location to be determined.


Lonne offered the Schuss Mt. Ski Patrol building for meetings after ski season is over.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lonne Petroskey, Secretary

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