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SVE Den Newsletter April 2002

From the President

As the snow melts, our thoughts turn to spring-perhaps my favorite season - the weather warms, the crocus bloom, the grass starts to turn green and neighbors come outdoors and become re-acquainted. Welcome Spring!

During the winter months, your Association Board of Directors has been far from hibernation. We've been meeting regularly and making plans and decisions. Let's review what is happening.

Mother's Day weekend will be a special one this year. We will be filling your Saturday with a fun-filled day on May 11. At 11:00 AM, we begin with a canoe trip on the beautiful Jordan River from the Swiss Hideaway Canoe Livery on M-66. We will stop along the way for lunch. (There is a charge for this activity. See details inside). At 5:00 PM, we will have our monthly board meeting at Northwoods Lodge. All property owners are invited to attend this and any Board meeting (see schedule on back page). At 7:00 PM we will have a free barbecue dinner.

Plans are moving ahead for enhancing the George Johnson Riverside Park, while maintaining its natural beauty and primitive state. We will be constructing a split rail fence, off-road parking, and a path to take you near the river. We are presently soliciting bids from landscapers. The Board is sensitive to the need to make the river accessible, while maintaining its special natural state. Phyllis Leach is exploring membership for the Association in the "Friends of the Cedar River."

Speaking of the Leaches, this issue of the newsletter is devoted to them and all the other property owners who are in the midst of building a home on their property. Look inside for details of their work and plans. I know you will agree that some very beautiful and appropriate homes are under construction.

One of the most difficult tasks the Association has is the enforcement of the property Restrictions and Regulations. Enforcement of the Restrictions and Regulations over the years has been somewhat lax. Some people believe that some of the original Restrictions and Regulations may not make sense in today's SVE. No one likes having to confront a neighbor who is not in compliance. The Restrictions and Regulations provide authority to any interested party to challenge a property owner who is not in compliance with the Restrictions. Please review the Restrictions and Regulations that are re-printed in this newsletter and make sure you are in compliance. If not, please correct the violation or apply for an exception to the Architectural Committee.

At the end of this year, I will complete two years as President. It is my intent to remain an active Board member but I will not stand for re-election as President. Maintaining the vitality of SVE means broad involvement. We need to move people through leadership positions and get as many people involved as possible.

Are you happy with the direction that your Association is moving in? Whether the answer is "yes" or "no," the Association can only be successful with your involvement. We are seeking property owners to serve on committees and on the Board. Please contact me and let me know what you'd be willing to do. We need you.

                        See you soon, neighbor,

                        Allen Wolf

May 11 Festivities

May 11 promises to be a great day of fun for SVE owners. Check out these activities:

11:00 AM - Canoe trip down the Jordan River

Travel to the Promised Land down the scenic Jordan River valley. We will rent canoes at the Swiss Hideaway Livery on M-66 and take a leisurely trip. We'll pull over onto the shore for lunch along the way. Non-alcoholic beverages provided. Cost is $29 per canoe. Contact Sharon Koppe to let her know to expect you and to reserve your paddle! Sharon can be reached at or (734) 451-0816.

5:00 PM - Regular monthly meeting of the SVE Board of Directors at Northwoods Lodge (5723 East Village Drive at the intersection with West Village Drive). Don't be shy. You don't need to be a Board member to attend. Please join us.

7:00 PM - Barbecue at Northwoods Lodge. This is a free event for all owners and their guests. Please contact Sharon Koppe so we will be sure to have enough food! Fun for the whole family.

For owners who do not have a residence, we will have special arrangements. We will have facilities available to stay for free in SVE either in private homes or camping. We will provide restrooms and water for those wishing to tent camp. Sign up by sending an email to or by calling 248 737-3708.

Modular or Manufactured? 

By Scott A. Wright , C.O.O. - Builder/Dealer for Dickinson Homes (

This article explains the very distinct differences between two types of systems-built homes - modular and manufactured.

Manufactured Home: This is a home that is built entirely in the factory, (Including floor coverings, Mechanical & Plumbing system etc.), under the federal building code administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (The HUD Code) went into effect June 15, 1976. A manufactured home is described by the Manufactured Housing Institute as one that is either single or multi-section, built on a permanent steel frame with a removable transportation system (tires, springs & axles), delivered and anchored to a site-built basement or other foundation. The referenced metal frame is the base structure of this type of home with the floor joist system standardly being of 2" x 6" construction. These homes are typically 4/12 or less in roof pitch with 2"x3" or 2"x4" walls. In short the light duty frame stays with the home and the home owner has little input to the home's build standards, other than colors. They also receive a state-issued title for the product.

Mobile Home: This is the term used for manufactured homes built prior to June 15, 1976, when the HUD code went into effect. In many cases these homes were produced to voluntary industry standards and were not regulated by state or local building departments. Most of these homes do not meet snow loads for northern Michigan.

Modular Homes: Increasingly referred to as "Off Site Stick Built", these homes are factory built, but unlike a manufactured home it has a conventional site-built 2"x10" or larger floor joist system with 2"x6" exterior walls. In most cases a Modular home meets or exceeds the typical standards of an on-site "stick-built" home. Modular homes are built to local building codes. In Antrim County this is the Statewide code known as BOCA. This is the same code used by site builders. A Modular Home, because it has no wheels, is transported to the site on specially designed transport trailers, and then crane lifted or rolled on and anchored to a site-built crawl space or basement. The final finish is completed by the builder on-site in addition to final plumbing, electrical, HVAC & floor coverings. These homes can be built to 12/12 or higher roof pitch elevations and be 1, 2, or 3 stories. With some companies, the homes can be custom designed to the owners specifications, shipped with 24"+ overhangs, 8" fascia, and numerous roof elevation changes. Homes as large as 7000+ square feet are being built daily using the modular method. Modular has also become a very popular commercial building method for motels, duplexes, condo projects, and private practice offices.

Factory built homes are becoming increasingly popular to home buyers of all income levels due to the highly engineered methods of production and the fact that these products are assembled in a controlled environment. This process has many advantages over "stick built" or "site built" homes in reduced cost, higher energy efficiency, shorter build time, and increased build quality. Log Homes, ICF"s (Insulated Concrete Forms), Panelized Homes are also part of the systems built family. Real estate agents and appraisers may need to be educated on the value of systems built homes. Reference them to Marshall & Swift's Residential Cost Handbook. This guide clearly states how modular and panelized homes are to be evaluated - the same as site-built.

There are both good and bad products in both arenas. The key for the Association is to maintain an architectural standard that will weed out the bad, but still allow for economically controlled growth of your community.

Your Dream Home? (Lot 41)


If you've driven down Cedar River Drive recently then you have noticed that a new log home on the north side is nearing completion. It is a beauty. Like me, you probably thought, "Someone is building their dream home." As it turns out, it might be your dream home. Bill and Linda Dolinski are building this home as an investment which they plan to put up for sale.

They built the kind of home they would love to live in themselves. The home has three levels - an unfinished walkout basement, a main level with two bedrooms and a loft. It has one bathroom upstairs and has the roughed in plumbing for a second bathroom on the lower level. The first floor laundry room is an added plus. If interested, contact Bill and Linda at 734 741 0963.

Lot 75     


Lot 75 has an adorable 1100 square foot log home being completed. The builder is John Apfel, Jr. (grandson of John Apfel Sr.). John Jr. lives in Vermont, although he grew up in Michigan and has strong ties to this area. He loves Northern Michigan and drives back and forth frequently, doing most of the work on this home himself. He also has several construction projects moving forward in Vermont simultaneously.

John built the home on Lot 52 owned by Kurt & Kelley Shoecraft. The new home on Lot 75 has many similarities to the Shoecraft home but has a larger loft. The ¾ loft with four windows is one of the unique features of this home. Like the Shoecraft home, it has a 32' x 20' footprint. It will have a covered deck in front and an open deck on the side. In addition to the loft, this home has two bedrooms. It has one full bath and space for a stackable washer/dryer. It will be finished with pine paneling. The asking price on this home which should be ready by June is $115,000. You can contact John at (802) 476-4037.

Lot 148


John Apfel Sr has run a construction business for more years than most of us have been alive. He is applying his expertise to an exceptional home on Lot 148 which should be complete by the end of May. It's a 1500 square foot ranch with a two car garage. The exterior is finished with a blue stain. It is built over a crawl space. This home has three bedrooms. The master bedroom has its own shower, while the other bathroom includes a tub/shower combination. The home has a forced hot air heating system. Asking price is $169,000. Linda Dean, (John's daughter) is the listing realtor and can be reached at 231 533-8734.

Lots 15-17


Some of SVE's most beautiful lots are on the banks of the Cedar River. Phyllis and Al Leach are building their dream home on the three adjoining lots they own along the River. As members of the "Friends of the Cedar River" it wasn't a hard decision where they wanted their new residence.

Al and Phyllis presently live on M-72, near Al's heavy equipment business. He'll soon be retiring from that business and will be doing some long-haul trucking. Phyllis is a native of Mancelona and her parents still reside there. Phyllis has worked for three years for the Kalkaska Zoning Commission.

Al and Phyllis are serving as their own general contractor. Their home is a large two story structure with a full basement. The home has a split design off of the center entrance. Two bedrooms are off to one side while the master bedroom suite is on the other. Phyllis is excited about the beautiful patio, which will provide a great view of the river. Al and Phyllis have made sure that everything they do maintains the natural beauty of SVE and the river. Their yard will be maintained in its natural state.

The Leaches hope to move into their new home before July 1.

Properties for Sale

Lot 66 is being listed by Cam Lacy at Real Estate One in Bellaire. Asking price is $7500. Contact her at

Gaylord Wagner is offering Lot 35 (on North side of Cedar River Drive) and Lot 83 (SW corner of Alpine Way and East Village) for $5995 each. Contact him at or 755 Fairway Ct Wauseon, OH 43567 (419) 335-6516.

We sadly report the passing of Barbara Zanardo, the owner of Lot 142. Our condolences her family. Barbara bought her lot in 1994. Darryl Zanardo ( is selling the property. He is asking $8,000. Interested parties may contact him by calling his home at 248-641-9605 or at work at 800-626-5580 x5219.

Jack Riess is selling Lot 80. He is asking for $8,000. Contact him at 248 437-5488. It is a nicely wooded lot on West Village Drive.

Help the Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center is a non-profit, service agency that provides assistance to families in Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet and Otsego counties. The agency provides many different types of services including counseling and advocacy, as well as emergency/crisis services for victims of sexual assault and/or domestic abuse.

The Women's Resource Center owns lot 99 in Swiss Village East #2 (Property #05-10-325-030-00). It is a nicely wooded building site. They are asking $5,900. Alan Klein donated this piece of property to the Center. Profits from the sale will be utilized to continue their important work.

For more information please contact Deb Smith at the Women's Resource Center, or 231-347-0067.

Antrim County Recycling Program 

by Janet Person, Executive Director, Antrim Conservation District, and Member of Solid Waste Planning Committee


Antrim County, through its Solid Waste and Recycling Council, is considering a county-wide recycling program that would incorporate the current recycling efforts of local communities and make recycling services available County-wide. In very simple terms, the County would help all local units to work together to get the best recycling services at the lowest cost. The participation of local governments is important for this project to proceed as currently planned and to use the funding mechanism recommended by the Council

Project Description 

Antrim County, through its County Board of Public Works, and under the direction of the Antrim County Board of Commissioners, has the potential to implement the following recycling system. · Permanent Drop-off Recycling Centers in Bellaire, Central Lake, Elk Rapids and Mancelona that would collect paper, cardboard, plastic jugs (milk, water and detergent), glass jars, tin cans and aluminum containers and be open 2 to 3 days a week. · A Mobile Drop-off Recycling Center to service less populated areas that would collect the same recyclables and would travel to sites scattered across various parts of the County. · Special Programs, such as Coordinated Spring/Fall Cleanups, Household Hazardous Waste Collection, Backyard and/or Municipal Composting, Used Motor Oil Collection

How Project Works 

The recycling service would be operated partially under contract to private recycling companies and partially with the assistance of local units of government as well as the County. It would be administered by the County Coordinator / Planner*s Office and eventually a Solid Waste Coordinator reporting to the Board of Commissioners and to local units of government.

The Antrim County Board of Public Works, in accordance with Public Act 185 of 1957, would arrange for the required funding through a special assessment district.

The special assessment district would cover all improved residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial parcels identified as having a permanent dwelling or business location.


In other parts of Michigan similar programs cost in the range of $15 to $25 per year for each residential parcel, with slightly higher fees for commercial and industrial establishments.

This would allow recycling services to be available at no per-use charge throughout the County, not only for year-round residents but for seasonal residents as well.


This process takes time. The next window for this funding is in the last half of 2002 for a program that would begin January of 2003. A process must be completed to set the funding system and the program up. This process will include presentations to local units of government to seek their input. The Board of Commissioners also has to take steps to reorganize their current Board of Public Works and help local units of government and the County equalization office update parcel information. Finally, Act 185 of 1957 has specific requirements for public hearings and public notices that must be completed before the special assessment roll can be approved, This work takes time and is not worth pursuing unless local units of government are interested and willing to support it.

Next Steps 

The County, through its Solid Waste and Recycling Council, has put two years worth of effort into planning an effective county-wide recycling program. Part of this planning included a survey of citizens and local units of government to determine what services they would find most useful. A sample resolution in support of a P.A. 185 funding approach has been prepared for your information. Also, a summary of the recommended service approach, based on this survey, has been prepared for local governments to review.

If you can't wait to recycle…

The Village of Elk Rapids has a recycling program available only to the people of the village and a couple of surrounding townships. The surrounding townships actually pay - through their taxes - a fee to be able to use the service. They do allow other residents of the county to use the service for a fee.

The township of Central Lake is open Tuesday and Saturday from 9-1. This is only for the residents of Central Lake Township. We are not sure if non-residents can use this facility for a fee.


Just about all construction requires a permit. For example if you are building a driveway, a permit is required. Please check with Jerry Sommer if you have any questions.

Restrictions and Regulations 

With all of the activity in SVE, familiarity with the SVE Restrictions and Regulations has become important for all owners. This is a critical time in the future of SVE. The tone we set for the quality and design of homes in SVE today will determine its character for the 21st century.

This is a tough issue. It comes down to balancing the individual property rights of owners with the perceived good of the community. While we strive for win-win solutions, that isn't always possible. All property owners should remember, that the Restrictions and Regulations should not be a surprise - they are recorded in the records of the Antrim County Register of Deeds. By maintaining high standards, we all benefit. If you believe the task of the Architectural Committee is something you would enjoy, please contact Allen Wolf to be nominated for next year's committee.

We ask that property owners do the following:

· Read the Restrictions and Regulations. If you notice that you are not in compliance, please either correct the matter or contact John Williams to discuss a deviation.

These restrictions and regulations are legally binding on you and your property. If you check your title policy or title search you will see a reference to these restrictions and regulations. Please note the language that gives the Swiss Village East Property Owners Association the power to enforce these restrictions and regulations and the ability to add charges to annual dues for the cost of any maintenance it may need to do on your property.

· If you are planning any construction, addition or modification, you must seek review and approval of the Architectural Committee in advance. Failure to do so, could result in costly remodeling or the total demolition of your project-something that no one would like to see.

New Brochure Coming 

A new brochure designed to help market SVE and educate potential visitors and buyers is nearing completion. The brochure will inform people of the existence of the Association, its Restrictions and Regulations, and describe area attractions.

In conjunction with the brochure we hope to publish a map of SVE which highlights properties for sale. Owners who are not current on their dues will not be able to list their property for sale on the map.

We Need You 

Web-savy? We are looking for a webmaster. You don't need to be an expert. Our website is pretty simple. We will train you!

Are you interested in serving on a committee or running for the board. Everyone should serve on the board at some time. Contact Allen or any current Board member.


Our thanks to the Antrim County Road Commission. They have been doing a great job trimming back trees on the shoulders of the roads.

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