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SVE Property Owners Association
Meeting of the Board of Directors  -- January 22, 2011


Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM, January 22, 2011.


Meeting took place at the residence of William & Pamela Wolz, 5749 Forest Ln.

Present were Pat Olson, Lonnie Petroskey, Ralph Croslin, Phyllis Leach, Russell Smith and William Wolz. 


 A motion was made by Pat Olson to approve the meeting minutes of October 9, 2010.  Approved.

The Financial Report was given by Lonnie Petroskey.  The maintenance for Corey Ct (re-grade) would be contracted by Northern Tree

and serviced for $900.00.  The YTD 2010 Financial Summary was also presented showing dues received through 12/31/2010 equaling

$12,460.00.  The Savings balance for the end of 2010 equals $20,066.68.  The Financial Report was Approved.

Architectural Report was not presented. Bill Law headed up the Architectural committee and is no longer a residence of SVE. Russ Smith

agreed to be the new Chair of that committee. New Chair Approved.

Officers of the Board were named at this time.  

Pat Olson was retained as President, Phyllis Leach replaced Peter Wendling as Vice

President.  Lonnie Petroskey remained as Treasurer and William Wolz will stay on in the Secretary position.

Old Business

A. The property that has not been well maintained located on the SE corner of Cedar River

& East Village Dr., was discussed regarding the procedure for action as outlined by the

by-laws. Russ Smith inquired about the procedure. There is a four step process that is

to be followed.

1. Talk to the violating resident,

2. Send a letter to the resident from the Association, explaining the violation(s).

3. Send a legal letter and 4. legal action.

Pat said that he would compose and send the letter prior to the next meeting. B. Phyllis brought up the re-vision of the by-laws and that they would need to be done by the next annual meeting so that the residents can be informed and the changes be voted through. Ralph suggested that the members be e-mailed any revisions.

C. The internet service issue was re-visited. While a DSL seems to be unlikely,

Ralph Croslin agreed to contact AT&T regarding this issue.

New Business

A. Property values and lower property taxes were the subject of new discussion.  Pat Olson suggested that each owner pursue an appeal process in order to lower the values of vacant lot properties in SVE in order to lower taxes. Lonnie explained that getting comparables would be difficult based upon the uniqueness of each home.


B. Russ Smith inquired as to a maintenance plan for cutting away brush from the road sides.

Lonnie suggested that the County was responsible for the clean-up.

C. Lonnie agreed to distribute the updated SVE directory to all board members.


Next Meeting set for April 30, 2011.  Location has yet to be determined.



Meeting was adjourned at 12:00PM.


William Wolz, Secretary


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