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Swiss Village East Board Meeting

Saturday Jan 11, 2020

10:00 – 11:30 AM

Lonne’s Home

Call In (605) 468-8001 at prompt 538739#



  1. Call to Order -  10:02AM


  1. Roll Call

    1. Board Members-   

      1. Lonne Petroskey, Brad Whalley, Rick McCarren, Aleta Berghoef, Mark Berghoef, Stephanie Koppe, Heidi Shaffer, Julie Woods, Rob Poupard

    2. Other Members and Visitors-

      1. Al Leach, Ralph Crosslin


  1. Approval of Oct Meeting Minutes-          

    1. Rick M. approve, Lonne Seconded approval of October minutes


  1. Officer Elections for 2020  (Current listed)                                           

    1. President                Mark Berghoef                         

    2. Vice President       Brad Whalley

    3. Treasurer               Lonne Petroskey

    4. Secretary                Rob Poupard

  2. Meeting schedule for 2020

    1. April 11, 2020       July 11, 2020 (Picnic afterwards)        October 10, 2020

  3. Utility Upgrade

    1. Latest developments and possible action

      1. Brad gave insights to the power company’s objectives and also their intent to down trees in the future power line area.  A clear definition of property owners affected is needed so an informational letter can be sent to each owner.

      2. A motion to approve downed trees be cleared from SVE was made by Aleta and second approval by Brad.

    2. Brad will lead a committee along with Julie, Heidi, and Lonne to work with ITC on this project

    3. Mark to communicate to property owners regarding the ITC project.


  1. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Finance                                                                                        Lonne

      1. Financial Report -       Approved by Mark and Rob


  1. Property ownership changes

    1. Lot 234 sold with home to Robert Biddle

  2. Grounds and maintenance                                                            Brad

    1. Flowers for the entrance and mailbox areas.

      1. Need more annuals around the entrance and mailboxes

      2.  Motion to approve $500 for entrance and mailbox flowers - Mark B and Rob P

    2. 3 new mailbox stands to be updated  - proposal pending

    3. Propose a time in April meeting for river park wood clean up and bonfire event for the spring.

    4. Brad will propose a plan next meeting for entrance erosion.


  1. Social and communication                                                           Aleta

    1. Summer picnic (date and plan)

      1. Communications 4-6 weeks and 2 weeks prior to July 11 picnic

    2. Communication of utility work

      1. Continuing effort to maintain good information as needed

  2. Architectural Committee                                                              Rob

Rick MeCarren will assume committee lead

  1. Rules and regulation committee review                                       Julie

Julie and Stephanie will review and update if needed.

  1. Old Business – Execution Pending                                              Mark

    1. Pavilion floor –waiting until April meeting for further discussion

    2. Street corner Erosion – Township agreed to repair.  This topic needs to be addressed in the April meeting as the corners continue to further deteriorate.


  1. Adjournment – 11:22AM     Motion to adjourn by Mark and Brad.

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