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BOARD MEETING  July 19, 2008 10:00 AM
Northwoods Lodge
Bellaire , MI
  1. Roll:  Meeting called to order at 10:12 AM.  Members present were Bill Law, Ken Thomas, Lonne Petroskey, Sharon Koppe, Peter Wendling, Allan Wolf, Sue Williams, and others?

  2. Approval of minutes from July 19th meeting.

  3. No additions

  4. The picnic table at the children's park was completed  in June at a cost of $850.  It is a beautiful addition to the park.

  5. New Business;

 Maintenance contract:  includes removal of sand from the roads, cutting the shoulder wider than usual and more often.  Contracted for 5 times.

Mailboxes:  We can have 2 level of boxes on each stand.  We need more mailbox stands to increase uniform look and attempt all property owners to use these stands instead of individual mailboxes because difficult to cut grass and snow plow.  Bill Law will be in charge of this by talking to the postal carrier, estimating the cost and those that need to be repaired.

E-mail addresses:  We need to renew effort to get current addresses because expensive to mail newsletters.

Architectural Committee Members:  Bill Law, John Williams, Lonne Petroskey, Wayne Koppe

Welcoming Packet:  To be done by Pam ?.  It should include a cover letter, map, individual plat drawings, newsletter, restrictions, by-laws plus local agencies that you will need approval from.

Newsletter:  Allen to write and needs others to contribute articles.

Treasurers Report:  Lonne Petroskey states that we have over $26,000 in our accounts, taxes for Kearney Township is $138 and Custer $146.  Lots sold #2 and #62.  20 property owners haven’t paid dues and we have liens on each.

The annual meeting is set for October 4, 2008 at Northwoods Lodge at 10:oo

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 and we met again at the children’s park for a picnic for al property owners.  Thanks to Peter Wendling and his wife for the picnic.

Submitted by Sharon Koppe, Secretary SVEPOA

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