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SVEPOA Board Meeting
November 21, 2002

Meeting started at 8:00 PM and was held at Frank Dean’s office.

Lonne Petroskey, Frank and Nancy Dean, and Heidi Lang were present; no downstate board members were on line. As there was no quorum, we held an informal discussion on business at Swiss Village 

Recapped minutes of annual meeting; should do that again at next meeting as minutes were late and members had no time to review before meeting. 

Lot 126– The owner of Lot 126 has told Heidi Lang that he sent written confirmation of his construction loan to Allen Wolf, had it returned because he had the wrong address, and sent it again. Heidi called Allen; the information is not yet to Allen. Heidi asked the owner just to drop the information at her home on Friday, November 22, 2002 – He did not do this. The board members at this meeting felt that if the owner did not produce proof by the 22nd that we ask the lawyer to send a warning letter.  If  we still do not get a response we take action. The members present on the 21st felt we have been more than patient with the Lot 126 owners and there is little else we can do. The owners started clearing their lot June 2001, poured footings, November 2001, and at this point in November 2002 have only their footings and basement walls up.

Options if no proof is given: offer to buy them out of their lot and put it back to undeveloped conditions, and when the lot is resold, the money will go back to the Association.   The members present do not believe going tocourt is a desirable alternative.  It was suggested by Frank Dean to have our attorney send a registered letter to the owner.  All present supported this approach.

Cory Court – Wayne Koppe was not present to report 

Budget info – Sue Williams called Heidi before she left for Frank’s and gave quick summary. We have about $25,000 in the bank. Sue recommends we not do any other major projects until after the dues have come in next year. 

Toboggan hill: Frank Dean offered to shape the toboggan run for free once we get permission from Consumer’s Power. We need to get someone to take the Consumer’s easement/permission on. 

New officers suggestions: Heidi Lang agreed to serve as president

Frank Dean, vice president

Allen Wolf, treasurer

Secretary: ???? need nomination, need someone who will consistently attend meetings and can be timely in getting information out. 

Lot 143 and 144 Dues: Frank Dean, Lonne Petroskey, and Heidi Lang all vote to provide the same offer as given residents on other county roads prior to 1999. 

A suggestion was made to put an information kiosk up by the basketball court given that the Association owns that property.  Suggestion was to make it look like the mail box houses – cedar with information board/plexi-glass to protect info: all members present liked idea, need board to vote

Another suggestion is to have one real estate company handle the properties in the association so to get them properly educated on association/rules/restrictions/be-laws/dues etc. If we allow one company to represent, suggest real estate company give association members a break on commissions. Frank Dean suggested Real Estate One. Open for discussion 

Motion: Vermont Log Home Advertisement at the corner of West Village Drive and Cedar River Drive needs to be removed. If they want to put up signs in front of the homes they have constructed, fine, but the current placement of this sign suggests we endorse them as the primary builder within the association. Could lead to other builders placing “bill board” selling their wares – do not want that, nor do we need any liability for the perception of the endorsement of the “Vermont” company.  (Note: subsequent to the meeting, Heidi spoke with Allen Wolf who indicated that the sign should be removed and that no board vote was needed. The sign is in violation of the Restrictions.)

Suggestion to have meetings in winter months: October – March every other month specifically no meeting in December, and have monthly meetings in spring and summer months April – September 

Suggestion: Heidi Lang, Frank Dean, and Lonne Petroskey get together to review restrictions and modify them before April. Would like to have one other person on committee. Would like to then send revisions out to association members with voting post card to get changes approved – with no response meaning an “approved” vote

Heidi to get copies of restrictions to Frank and Lonne with meeting to be scheduled in January. 

Suggestion to not have meeting in December because of the Holidays. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:00. 

Respectfully submitted: Heidi Lang, Vice President 

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