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Swiss Village East Property Owners' Association

Bellaire, Michigan 49615



PO Box 793

Bellaire, MI  49615

Welcome to Swiss Village East
Bellaire, Michigan

Who We Are:

We are the property owners' association for a growing community in Northwestern Michigan.

Tucked away in quiet woods near one of northern Michigan's most popular resorts -- Shanty Creek -- is one of Michigan's most wonderful secrets --Swiss Village East.  Beautiful, wooded lots -- 245 in all, typically 1/2 to 3/4 acres in size, are readily available on paved roads at incredibly reasonable prices. 


To date there are 60+ homes and the number increases every year.  An active property owners association -Swiss Village East Property Owners' Association (SVEPOA) -- adds value in many ways with very modest annual dues.  The beautiful Cedar River flows along one of five parks owned by the Association for exclusive use of property owners.  Enjoy our riverside walking path. 


You can enjoy yourself at the Community Park, located at the intersection of Clearview and Hilltop, which is a great place to congregate with friends and family.  It has a covered pavilion, swings, tetherball, a basketball court, and BBQ grill.  


SVE is a place for those in search of a quiet respite from the urban setting.  Great golf, skiing, fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, snowmobiling, and swimming are all nearby.  

For information about the Association, By-laws, Building Restrictions, go to SVEPOA

SVE Governing Documents- Phase II:

SVE is in the process of updating our governing documents to more accurately reflect the desires of the community.  In August of 2021, the association/property owners voted on and approved a restatement of the Articles of Incorporation and allowed for an amendment to the Restrictions and Regulations (Phase I).  Since that time, the SVE Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Zelman, Danner, and Fioritto legal firm out of Plymouth, have been working diligently to draft an Amended and Restated Restrictions and Regulations for the SVE community.

To view the current draft of the proposed Restrictions and Regulations (67 pages), click here. 

To view the explanatory letter to owners, which was drafted by ZDF legal firm, click here.

To view the table of contents for the proposed Restrictions and Regulations, click here.

To view a guide to understanding the amendments, drafted by ZDF legal firm, click here.

To view the cover letter that was sent in July via email regarding Phase II, which explains more information about the goals and objectives of the proposed Restrictions and Regulations, click here.

To view the side-by-side comparison chart that was sent in July via email, which highlights most of the proposed changes to the Restrictions and Regulations, click here. Please know that this is not inclusive of ALL changes, but is more of a guide to understand the changes between the current and proposed documents.

To view the currently adopted restrictions and regulations, click here.

Tentative Timeline:

April 2024- Packets sent to all homeowners, including ballots, to begin voting on the proposed Restrictions and Regulations.

May 18th, 2024- Special Meeting (time and location to be determined) for in-person voting and counting ballots.

August 2024- Begin implementing new Rules and Regulations IF approved by voters.


Not sure where we are located?  Click here

Want to see where a particular lot is located? Click here   We have the plat maps on this site under the Maps tab above.

For the latest area news subscribe to the Antrim Review.

To keep up with the Swiss Village East news, click on the 'Newsletter' or 'Minutes' tab at the top of the page.

For current property owners or those considering a purchase in Swiss Village East, we have lots of information on this site.  

Upcoming Events:

May 13th, 2024- Deadline for mailing ballots to 

May 18th, 2024- Special Meeting at Schuss Mountain Ski Patrol Building for in-person voting and counting of votes for the proposed Rules and Regulations (10:00am).

July 13th, 2024- Association Meeting & Community Picnic (12:00 pm at the Children's Park) Picnic Flyer

October 12th- Annual Membership Meeting

Association Meetings

There are four meetings a year, which are held on the second Saturday in January, April, July (annual SVEPOA picnic) and October, which is the Annual Membership meeting. 


Anyone in the SVEPOA is welcome to attend in person or by phone. If you would like more information about attending meetings, email

To attend a meeting by phone, call (605) 468-8001 at prompt enter 538739#                    

Architectural Committee


If you are an owner in SVE, be sure to contact the Architectural Committee before cutting any trees or

beginning construction.  All plans must be approved in advance.  Failure to do so could be very costly to

you.  Please review the Restrictions.  Then review the policy and the permit application form.


For more information, contact the chairperson of the Architectural Committee, Rick McCarren.

Useful Links to Maps and Property Values

Map of SVE Lots

For detailed information on SVE lots, owners, property values, check here.

Other Useful Sites:

Plat Maps for Michigan  (Type in Swiss Village.   Then select Antrim County, then go to page 8. )

Antrim County Website (Pick Parcel search on the left hand side)


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