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Swiss Village East Meeting
Saturday May 14, 2016
10:00 a.m.
Lonne Petroskey’s Home
Cedar River Drive




I.            Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.


II.            Roll Call

a.       Board Members: Present: Lonne, Heidi, Mike Ralph; by phone: Robert, Dennis; by proxy: Aleta

b.      Other Members and Visitors:  None


III.             Approval of January 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes: Moved by Lonne, second by Heidi to approve the January 16, 2016 Minutes. Approved


IV.            Treasurer’s Report

a.       Financial Report: Lonne presented the Financial Report. (See attached.) Total Expenses through 5-8-16, $1,570.33. Balance on all accounts through 5-10-16, $37,144.98.

b.      Dues update: Dues collected through 5-8-16, $10,471.00. Uncollectable dues from Michael Dean bankruptcy, $1148.00.

c.        Other: Trees North proposal for Spring Clean-up, $2000; Lawn Care, $2500; Trimming around Park, etc., $500. Total $5000 which is unchanged from previous years. Motion by Heidi, second by Dennis to extend contract with Trees North through 2016. Approved. Motion by Heidi, second by Ralph to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved.


V.            Old Business

a.       Road Dedication Update:

1.      Road dedication update submitted electronically by Allen (See Attached.) was discussed.

2.      Ralph will visit the Luce County Register of Deeds to determine the tax liability, if any, for all parks within SVEPOA excluding the Children’s Park of which the status in known.

3.      Ralph and other available Board Members will distribute legal notices to local property owner to reduce legal fees.


b.      Review of Spring Projects:

1.      Lonne has completed the benches at the River Overlook and repair of the bench at the George Johnson Riverside Park.

2.      Dennis will continue to place signage at the entrance of powerline easements to deter use by wheeled vehicles.



c.       Other:

1.      Lonne will contact the organizers of the Schuss Mt. Truck Races regarding participants’ trespassing on powerline easements.

2.      Discussion ensued regarding the possible placement of larger scale signage at SVE entrance indicating that although the paved roads are public in nature, all other property including powerline easements is private. Violators are subject to prosecution.


VI.            New Business

a.       Plan for July Picnic:

1.      Lonne will make preparations for the Annual SVEPOA Picnic, Saturday, July 16th.

2.      Dennis will police the Childeren’s Park of any debris prior to the picnic.

3.      Other volunteers should contact Lonne to offer assistance in preparations.

b.      Other:

1.      Ralph asked for support for an appropriate, Living Memorial to Irene Petroskey to be place near the entrance of SVE. Lonne suggestedIrene’s Flower Garden. Moved by Ralph, second by Robert to establish Irene’s Flower Garden at the SVE entrance sign location. Approved. Heidi and Lonne will make necessary improvements to the location to improve drainage prior to beginning the project. (Drainage issue has been problematic for some time and requires attention regardless of the pending project.) Heidi will research appropriate native plantings.

2.      Lonne provided and update on plans by the Whalley family to have a house built by Roth Construction. The house will be 1058 sq. ft. which is within the building restrictions guidelines.

3.      Dennis provided an update on his efforts to secure Charter Communications services to SVE. Charter indicated that New Service installation would require a minimum of 100 users prior to consideration. The likelihood of attaining this target is negligible.


VII.            Adjournment: Motion by Lonne, second by Dennis to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.



Respectfully submitted by Ralph Crosslin.

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