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SVE Property Owners Association
Meeting of the Board of Directors  -- October 9, 2010


Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM, October 9, 2010.


Meeting took place at the Ski Patrol Offices at Shanty Creek Resort

Present were Al & Phyllis Leach, Lonnie Petroskey, Peter Wendling, Ralph & Nancy Croslin, John & Sue Williams, Russell & Cheryl Smith and William Wolz.  Pat Olson used the conference phone


 A motion was made by Pat to approve the meeting minutes of July 17th, 2010.  Approved.


The Financial Report was given by Lonnie.  He highlighted that the Association two upcoming expenses.  One is to fix Corey Ct (re-grade), and the snow plow service for the upcoming winter. The report was reviewed, accepted and approved.


The Architectural Report was briefly mentioned in regards to the new garage construction.


Election of Officers took place at this time.  Russell Smith and Ralph Croslin were welcomed to the board.  All other officers retained their positions.


Old Business


A.     It was agreed that the spraying to eliminate the tent worms was a huge success.

B.    The nuisance dogs problem seems to have corrected itself with the recent departure of the residence whom owned the dogs according to Phyllis.

C.    The chicken problem has also been resolved with the cooperation of the resident-owner of the birds

D.    Lonnie said that Northern Tree and Bert’s Excavating  have been contacted to give an estimate on costs for repairing Corey Ct. including grading,

        brushing and chipping.  Peter made the motion that Lonnie be given the discretion to execute the best deal to accomplish this task.  Approved.


New Business


A.     The snow plowing bids came in at $800.00 from Trees North and $900.00 from Northern Tree.  Northern Tree also included Corey Ct ,  which was

        excluded by Trees North.  A motion was put forth to approved the Northern Tree contract at $900.00.  Approved.

B.    There was a brief discussion by Pat, Peter, Lonnie and Phyllis concerning the retained high property taxes even though property values have

        declined due to the economic climate. Pat said that he would look into this matter by contacting the Townships of Kearney and Custer.

C.    2011 Meeting dates were set.

1.     January 22nd, 10AM location at William & Pam Wolz residence, 5749 Forest Lane

2.     April 23rd, 10AM located at residence of Sue and John Williams

3.     July 16th, 12 noon, Picnic at the park

4.     October 22nd, 10AM , location to be decided


D.    Lonnie made motion to donate $50.00 to Shanty Ski Patrol for annual use of facility.  Approved.

E.     Lonnie suggested that the newsletter should address the delinquent dues issue and Ralph will initiate this.

F.     It was also suggested that the bi-laws be reviewed and revised in time for the next annual meeting approval.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:00PM.


William Wolz, Secretary

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