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Swiss Village East Property Owners Association
April 8, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting was called to order at 07:07PM, April 8, 2010.

Meeting took place at the Law Offices of Young, Graham, Elsenheimer, & Wendling, P.C. located at 104 E Forrest Home Ave Bellaire , MI 49615-5109 .


Present were, Phyllis Leach, Pat Olson, Lonnie Petroskey, Ken Thomas, Peter Wendling, Allen Wolf, and William Wolz. Meeting was attended via telephone conference by Bill Law.


 A motion was made by Pat to approve the meeting minutes of April 8th, 2010.  (Approved)


 Treasury Report was given by Lonnie.  His written summary was distributed to all board members with the comment that we are behind (less $800.00) last year in dues because of the economic situation. The Treasury Report was accepted and approved.


 Architectural Report was submitted by Bill Law.  There is a garage construction and a new home under construction, presently. The report was accepted and approved.

 Peter brought up the issue of Lot #80.  There is no deed presently known and tax payments are

unknown.  Allen suggested putting a lien on the property.  The Association dues are also two years



 Old Business


 The issue of having a quorum has been resolved for the last two years. Allen Wolf stated that the number

of required board members is stated in the by-laws.

 Peter suggested that we propose on the website a change in the by-laws to state that we need a majority to

have a valid meeting of the membership.  Peter  responded that we need to restate issues such as police protection.  Pat suggested that we prioritize the key issues.  Peter stated that these would be the same issues discussed 5 years ago and Allen said it would be good to clean up the references to police protection, garbage collection, etc.  Peter stated that he would pull up the old notes and review the bylaws.  Lonnie inquired if we need to notify all the members prior to the Annual Meeting and Peter confirmed this.


Pat asked if the website is working and up to date.  Allen confirmed that it is and revealed the user ID for the

website is swissvil1, with the password being cedar1.


There was a brief discussion concerning the possibility of an Internet connection to the village.  Lonnie

stated that there is a DSL located at Schuss Mt Rd and M-88 but the box is not hooked up yet.


Phyllis asked about updating the power lines in the village and if we could construct a letter to Consumers

about this issue. Peter will pursue this matter.  It was discussed that after a number of years the lines need

to be replaced because they break down.


A separate discussion concerned the recording of votes resulted in an agreement that when the Board

votes, dissenting votes would be recorded by name.


The ground water plume concerns were reviewed and discussed.  Allen stated that in a recent update it

was stated that there were 3 plumes moving towards the direction of the SVE.  The natural river barrier does

not stop two of them because they are seeping underneath the riverbed. Lonnie stated that the latest test

drilling near the SVE sign at Cedar River and Schuss Mt Rd was negative for toxins.  Bill Law also stated

that the $100.00 SOS Testing last year was clear.  Allen stated that the 3-Lakes Association has been

keeping abreast of the situation and has a good website with updated information.  One of the areas of

concern is that the testing must be done carefully because the results may appear clear even TCE is present because the gas dissipates immediately upon contact with the air.


The raising of chickens in SVE was discussed because it has come to the Board’s attention that a resident had chickens and roosters on her property.  No complaints have been received.   The restrictions prohibit animals other than common household pets.   Allen agreed to inform the party involved that raising chickens

Is a violation of the restrictions.


The lawn care services of Trees North will be retained.  Lonnie stated that the contract is the same as the

last two years as far as the cost was concerned.  This motion to renew was approved by Board vote.


New Business


A lengthy discussion concerning the spraying for Tent worms ensued. Phyllis reviewed the problem of

repeated infestations over a three year period and the concerns for the trees if the event was combined with

a drought which would cause fatal stress on the trees.  Peter asked about the price for the service and Allen

responded $30/acre.  Pat stated that there were 225 acres in the Village according to the Antrim Co. map on

their website. Allen suggested that we do not need to spray all of the area because Shanty Creek is only

doing selected patches. Peter and Allen continued the discussion stating the procedure was for the land to

be surveyed, a plan for spraying drawn up, and filed with the FAA. To simplify, Shanty would include our

land with their plan.  This would insure the best rate. 


Pat asked if the $6700.00 can really be justified.  Peter stated that it should work and there would be no re-

spray and pay again next year.  Bill Law stated that it would interrupt the life cycle.  Pat read some facts from the Minnesota DNR that said the re-spray may have to occur next year because the following year was not affected by the present year.


Allen stated that it boils down to a nuisance problem rather than a tree problem.  More discussion followed

about the problems from last year’s worm attack and the problems it caused.  Pat continued with the DNR

report that said spraying did not provide long term solutions to the problem.  Lonnie returned to the money

issue stating the cost would be $5400.00 at $24/acre.


Phyllis brought up the specific target being the Forest Tent Worm.  Pat said that timing would be critical for

the spraying the Forest Tent Worm.  Allen observed that the permanent residents would be the true

beneficiaries of this procedure. The association should be willing to take care of the problem this year.  Allen

then made the motion to spray but the cost should not exceed $30.00/acre.  Board voted in favor with Pat

Olson having the only dissenting vote.


 Allen stated that if spraying needed to be done next year, the cost would probably be left to the home

owners or an additional fee associated with the dues. Lonnie figured it may be about $25.00 per owner.  

Pat brought up the need for the pavilion gables to be stained. Ken said that he could take care of that at no charge to the Association.   The Board thanked Ken for doing this.   


 The board discussion returned to Tent worm issue concerning, Lonnie attending the Shanty Creek/Al’s

Spraying Co. meeting, the confirmation of the contract and the notification to home owners when the

spraying was to take place. It was agreed that signs will be placed throughout the neighborhood on the day

of spraying.


The meeting called to adjournment at 8:32PM. 

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