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BOARD MEETING April 26, 2008 10:00 AM

Law Office of Young, Graham, Eisenheimer & Wendling, P.C.

Bellaire , Michigan 

  1. Roll:  Meeting called to order at 10:25.  Members  present were Bill Law, Ken Thomas, Lonne Petroskey, Sharon Koppe, Peter Wendling (via telephone) Wayne Koppe and Allen Wolf.

  2. Approval of the minutes:  Motion to approve the January 19, 2008 minutes of the Board of Director’s meeting of SVEPOA made by Pertroskey and seconded by Law.  All ayes and the motion carried.

  3. No additions.

  4. Comments on the picnic table at the children’s park:  Law provided some information on purchasing a picnic table and cost.  The cost could be between $800-$1,000. plus $300 shipping charges.  Ken Thomas said he could make a concrete table with 2 benches on site for approx $850.  Motion to approve the building of a concrete 8ft. picnic table with 2 benches was made by Wendling and seconded by Law.  All ayes and the motion carried.

  5. New Business:

Lot #170 now owned by Kearney Township thru a tax sale wanted to know what documents state they have to pay dues.

Discussion and action on summer maintenance :  Received bid for summer maintenance from Trees North for $4,290 to maintain the roads, including removing gravel off the roads and cleaning the run offs.  We asked for the grass to be cut deeper on the sides of the roads, and the various open areas and entrances to SVE grass cutting. 

A motion to extend the grass cutting on the road edges to 3ft. was made by Wendling and seconded by Petroskey.  All ayes and the motion carried.

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 19th at Northwoods Lodge.  This will be a picnic for all the property owners and board members.  Postcards will be mailed to all property owners with the information needed.  

Treasurers report and review of budget:  Petroskey  provided a treasurer’s report.  There was a discussion of the budget for the various projects and relationship to dues collected.  He stated dues collection was very good with 44 property owners late with their dues.  Approval of the bills:  Law moved to approve  S. Koppe seconded and motion carried unanimously.  

The annual meeting is set for October 4, 2008 at Northwoods Lodge at 10:00 am

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Submitted by Sharon Koppe, Secretary SVEPOA

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