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January 19, 2008 10:00am 
Law Office of Young, Graham, Elsenheimer & Wendling, P.C. 
Bellaire, Michigan

1. Roll: Meeting was called to order at 10:10am and members present were Lonne Petroskey, Ken Thomas, Pat Olsen, William Law, Wayne Koppe (via telephone), Sharon Koppe and Peter Wendling. 2. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve the July 21, 2007 minutes of the Board Director’s meeting of SVEPOA made by Law and seconded by Olsen. All ayes and the motion carried. 3. Additions to the agenda: Item was added as “E” under New Business Vote on whether to reduce number of board members under by-laws (if possible.) 4. Comments from Association members: There were some comments regarding winter maintenance. 5. Election of Board of Directors for positions open: All ballots received were produced by Lonne Petroskey. Motion was made by Petroskey and seconded by W. Koppe to approve the election of Wayne Koppe, Allen Wolf, Lonne Petroskey, Peter Wendling and Sue Williams to the board and seconded by W. Koppe. Motion carried unanimously. 6. Board Election of Officers for the Board of Directors: Wendling moved to have Allen Wolf appointed Board President and Olsen seconded and the motion carried unanimously. W. Koppe made a motion to appoint Peter Wendling as Vice President and Petroskey seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. Wendling moved to appoint Lonne Petroskey as Treasurer. Olsen seconded and the motion carried unanimously. W. Koppe moved to appoint Sharon Koppe as secretary. Law seconded and the motion carried unanimously. 7. Comments were made regarding summer maintenance and cutting of grass along the roadsides. 8. New Business: Discussion and action on winter maintenance. There was discussion regarding the installation of a picnic table. Specific information and cost pertaining to the purchase of a picnic table for the summer season will be addressed at the spring meeting. Thomas and Law will provide details. Wendling will ask the village whether purchase is to be done through the village to cut sown on expense related to the purchase of the picnic table. Discussion regarding sending postcards to remind board members to attend scheduled meetings. There was also discussion that at the annual meeting to be held for 2008, that a specific proposal amending the by-Laws to allow for proxy voting and perhaps a reduction in the number of board members be considered and properly noticed pursuant to Article IX of the by-laws.

Treasurer’s report and review of upcoming budget. Petroskey provided a treasurer’s report. This report will be posted on the website and attached to the minutes. There was discussion on whether or not properties coming up for tax sales having substantial liens ($2,000 or more) should be purchased by the association at any such tax sale.

Approval of Bills: Law moved to approve the financial report and payment of bills. Olsen seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Set meeting dates for 2007-2008. Wendling moved that the following dates be set for the SVEPOA meetings in 2007-2008. Saturday, April 26, 2008, 10:00am; Saturday, July 19, 2008, 10:00am; Annual Meeting Saturday, October 4, 2008, 10:00am. Koppe seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. Subsequent discussion of a social event surrounding the July board meeting. The April meeting will be held at the law offices of Young, Graham, Elsenheimer, and Wendling, P.C. located at 104 E. Forest Home Avenue in Bellaire, Michigan, 49615. Meeting was adjourned at 12:00pm.

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