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Board of Directors
January 7, 2006

1. Approval of Minutes: . Approval of Minutes: . Approval of Minutes: 
Annual Meeting Minutes will be approved at the March 17, 2006 Meeting. 

2. Taking of the Roll:
In Attendance: Peter Wendling, Lonne Petroskey, Ralph Crosslin, Pat Olson, Bill Law ; By Telephone: Allen Wolf 
Absent: Wayne Koppe, Sharon Koppe,Tim Suppes, Lee Baumann

3. Additions to Agenda:
Nomination and Selection of Officers: 
• Bill Law made the following nominations:
o Peter Wendling – President
o Allen Wolfe – Vice President (declined)
o Pat Olson – Vice President
o Ralph Crosslin – Secretary
• Pat Olson Nominated Lonne Petroskey – Treasurer
Motion by Wolfe second by Wendling to close nominations and declare unanimous ballot for those nominated. Motion passed 6-0.

4. Old Business:
Discussion of Property Restrictions
We must wait up to two years for changes in legislation which would eliminate the super majority requirement.
5. New Business:
• President’s Report
Discussion included process required to change the plat on SVE 2-4 officially making the roads public rather than privat. Currently sections 1-4 are treated by the county as public. Plat change is not in the plans at this time due to the cost factor.
• Treasurer’s Report
Lonne Petroskey provided an update on current bills.
• Winter and Spring Maintenance
o Plowing in process at $400 per season by C.J. Castle at cul-de-sacs, dumpster, Correy Ct. and mail stations.
o Spring clean-up has not been scheduled
o Northern Exposure wishes to cut once per month @ $425 per cut plus $35 per hour for additional services. County cuts once per season. Bill Law will negotiate a contract with NE for:
• Number of cuts 
• Cleaning of sand at bottom of hills and outwashes
• Cutting of overhanging branches encroaching on right-of-way
o Bill Law will get an estimates 
• Removal of tennis court
• Placement of wood chips and purchase of picnic table at Children’s Play Park

• Approve Financial Report and bills
o Lonne Petroskey reported that the accounts with Smith Barney were placed in his name as Treasurer. There is $19,832 in the account. The Checking Account balance is approximately $250.
o Outstanding bills include taxes and Waste Management.
o Waste Management account will be switched to Northern Sanitation when WM contract expires.
o Discussion ensued on the Smith Barney Account. 
Moved by Wendling second by Law to move Smith Barney account to National City Money Market which has higher interest rate and no management fees. Motion passed 6-0.
• Children’s Play Park
o $8000 available
o Possibilities
 Additional wood chips to stop erosion
 Grass planting
 Hire Northern Exposure to clean up park
o Next steps to be determined at July meeting.
• Liability Insurance
Coverage of Board Members is believed to be up to $1,000,000. Peter Wendling will investigate. 
• Web site upgrade
The current web site has serious technical problems. Allen Wolfe and Peter Wendling will collaborate on upgrading the site to provide up-to-date information of available properties, newsletter, meeting minutes and other information of value to property owners.
• Newsletter
Bill Law will produce a short newsletter to include the following
o President’s Report
o Email updates
o New Officers
o Meeting Dates
o Restrictions updates
• Dumpster Update
Bill Law provided information on placing a 2’x 3’ aluminum sign at the dumpster @ $160. 
Moved by Wendling second by Olson that D & D Signs of Traverse City be contracted to erect a 2’ x 3’ sign (see attached) at the dumpster site. Motion passed 6-0.
• Mailbox Stands
Discussion regarding requiring non-members using mailbox stands be charged a fee and required to move mailbox in the event such space was required by a property owner. No motion.
• Achitectural Committee Report
o Bill Law reported on progress of 6 current building projects including 4 spec. homes and 2 member homes.
o Bill wrote letter to John Apfel Sr. indicating that there must be distinct differences among homes of similar appearance; in this case a number of log homes in one area.
Motion by Wendling second by Law that the Architectural Committee include the following members:
 Ken Thomas
 Wayne Koppe
 Tim Suppes
 Lonne Petroskey
 Bill Law
Motion passed 6-0.
• Non Agenda Items
o Many Annual Meeting participants felt dumpster service should be discontinued
o Run-off problems at play park – lumber from walkway could be used for erosion control
o Current fencing from tennis court could be used at play park basketball hoop
Motion by Olson second by Wendling that unused $6000 from 2005 Play Park Budget be deobligated and placed in General Fund. Motion passed 5-1, Wolfe voted no.

• March Meeting Agenda
o Riverside Park Sign
o Sweatshirts for retired Board Members

Moved by Petroskey second by Olson to adjourn. Motion passed 6-0 Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2006.

Respectfully Submitted by Ralph Crosslin.


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