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Board of Directors
February 17, 2005

1. Approval of Minutes: 
Motion by Crosslin second by Olson to approve Minutes of January 12, 2005 Board of Directors Meeting. 
Ayes all

2. Taking of the Roll:
In Attendance: Peter Wendling, Lonne Petroskey, Ralph Crosslin, Pat Olson, John Apfel Jr. ; By Telephone: Allen Wolf, Lee Baumann
Absent: Wayne Koppe, Sharon Koppe, Tim Suppes

3. Additions to Agenda:
There were no additions to the agenda.

4. Comments from Association Members attending:
There were no comments.

5. Old Business:
    a. By-Laws
        There was a consensus that the By-Laws were approved at the 2004 Annual Meeting.
    b. Revision to Restrictions
        Wendling led a discussion regarding suggested revisions to existing Restrictions. 
        Among the items discussed were the following:
        1. Where applicable, reference to appropriate Local and State Ordinances should be included.
        2. Accessory buildings cannot exceed 900 sq. ft.
        3. Multiple lots may be combined and treated as a single lot for purpose of Restrictions.
        4. A provision should be added to Restrictions stating that a non-response to a ballot requesting 
            revision to Restrictions be counted as a yes vote. 
            (Wendling will review and report upon appropriate statutes.)
        5. Commercial businesses such as hair salons, auto repair, etc., which are immediately recognizable 
            as such are prohibited.
        6. Building location language needs clarification.
        7. Building completion date language needs clarification.
        8. Finish grading of property must be completed in 9 months.
        9. No more than 30% of trees beyond those required for building and driveway construction may be 
        10. Paragraph B under Native Protection Strip should be removed.
        11. Wendling will rework language referring to Temporary Structures.
        12. Fencing: Appropriate reference to Local Ordinances should be added.
        13. Easement language needs clarification. Paragraph B should be removed.
        14. Garbage and refuse: remove language referring to Custer Township.
        15. Pets: Add language referencing Animal Control Ordinances
        16. Signs: Language needs clarification.

        Wendling will make appropriate revisions to existing Restrictions for discussion at the March 17, 2005 
        meeting of the Board of Directors.

        Apfel and Baumann left the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

6. New Business:
    a. Parks Budget
        Wolf reported on the status on the play park and use of funds budgeted for 2004. Discussion followed 
        regarding potential development for 2005. 
        Motion by Wendling second by Crosslin that $8000 be allocated for development of the play park 
        for 2005. 
        Assenting: Wolf, Petroskey, Wendling, Crosslin. Decenting: Olson
    b. Spring and Summer Maintenance
        Wolf will cut the grass on the volleyball court as needed. The Vendor will be paid $400 per cut for three 
        cuts: May prior to Memorial Day, June prior to July 4, and the second week of August. 
        Additional cuts may be scheduled upon Board approval. The County usually cuts the grass once per year.
        Moved by Wendling second by Olson that $1200 be allocated in 2005 for grass cutting. Ayes all.
    c. IRS Reporting Requirements
        IRS Form 1120-H has never been filed. Petroskey will research tax law and potential fees and penalties. 
        Wolf researched and reported that the Association is incorporated.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for March 17, 2005 to discuss Restriction revisions.

Respectfully Submitted by Ralph Crosslin for Allen Wolf


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