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Swiss Village East Property Owners Association
Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2004


In attendance were Sharon Koppe, Wane Koppe, Tim Suppes, Lone 
Petroskey, John Apfel and Peter Wendling as Schuss Mt and Allen Wolf via telephone.

Minutes were read from the November meeting. A motion was made, seconded 
and passed to approve.

Financial Report given by Allen Wolf.  Balance at end of Dec. was 
$27,576.99, expenses in Dec. were $I950.75.  Balance sheet is available 
on line.  Motion made to pass Treasurer report was seconded and passed.

Under old business we had to vote on election of board officers. The 
only ones on the ballot were Sharon Koppe for Pres.  Allan Wolf for 
Treasurer, Lone Petroskey as Sec. with the position of Vice Pres. 
vacant.  Peter Wendling agreed to run as Vice Pres.  a motion was made 
accept the officers as presented.  The motion was seconded  and passed.
Next item was the building permit.  We need to send a letter to all 
property owners detailing the procedure to obtain building approval.
Items 3-B-C-D of agenda were postponed until Feb. meeting.

A short discussion followed on the difference between a BOCA code house 
and a HUD home.

A motion was made to table the previously mentioned items until Feb.
Lot 57 is asking for a variance on setback dimensions for house 

We had a short discussion pertaining to the house going onto lot 237 

Wayne Koppe gave a report on snow-plowing by Ultimate Design.  Everyone 
is very satisfied with their work.

John Apfel gave report on beautification and roads.

No report at this time for Children's park, this is still under 

Welcome packets will be sent to all new owners as addresses become 

New business started with report on revision to Restrictions and 

Peter Wendling reported on language of restrictions and possible 

Numerous sections of Restrictions discussed for proposed changes.
Sharon Koppe proposed sending out copies of revisions to a focus group 
for input.

Hope to have revisions approved by annual meeting in October.
Road Committee, Peter Wendling to co-ordinate follow up on making roads 

Must have bids for survey work.

Sharon Koppe suggested that we should have all common property surveyed 
and staked.

A process needs to be put in place for obtaining bids for all work for 
which the board hires contractors .

Allen Wolf discussed the need for conference calling for other board 

The meeting schedule  for the next meetings was established.  We have 
meetings set for Feb 19, March 22 and April 15.  Meetings will be held 
at Schuss Mt Ski Patrol building and a location down state to be 
designated at 7:00 PM.

a short discussion of the possibility of Section Five joining SVEPOA 
followed.  It was felt that Section Five joining SVEPOA would not 
benefit the association.  Any such proposal would have to come from 
Section Five.

The survey results were postponed until the Feb. meeting and a motion 
was made to adjourn the meeting .  The motion was seconded and passed.  
The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lonne Petroskey, Secretary


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