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MAY 24, 2003

Members present: Frank Dean, Howard Benford, Allen Wolf, Tim Suppes, Phil Bertolini, and Lonne Petroskey. 
Also present were Nancy Dean, Mike Dean and Chrys Benford.

The meeting was held at Allen's home after a disappointing turn-out for work day. Only a half dozen members participated,but they were energetic and a fair amount of work was accomplished.

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed out to all present. Allen forgot to bring the financial statement but it is available on line to any one interested.

The Lot 126 situation appears to be resolved . Lot 126 has been sold to Ken Thomas and Frank showed us the sketches of his planned home to be built on the existing foundation. A motion was made by Phil Bertolini to forgo attempts to collect legal fees associated with Lot 126. The motion was seconded by Allen and passed. Ken Thomas also understands that the six month requirement also is to be observed.

A motion was made by Allen Wolf to appoint Peter Wendling to fill the vacant position on the board. The motion was seconded by Phil Bertolini and passed.

A motion was made by Tim Suppes to provide a mailbox kiosk near Mike Dean's home. The motion was supported and passed. Tim will contact the Postmaster to obtain authorization.

Transferrng of roads to county need to be pursued. Specifically the plats need to be changed.  Allen to contact George Johnson to pursue.

Revision of restrictions is still in process and needs to be finished. A motion was made by Allen Wolf and supported by Lonne Petroskey to provide sweatshirts to current board members who do not have them. The motion was passed and Heidi will be advised to order them.

Frank Dean offered the use of his equipment to construct the volleyball court if SVEOPA would pay expenses of fuel and extra help he must pay for. The Board agreed that this should be done.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday ,June 19, 2003 at 7:30 P.M. The northern location will be the Schuss Mt. Ski Patrol room with the downstate location to be determined by those members who wish to attend.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

 Lonne Petroskey, Secretary

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