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April 10, 2003 

Members present: Lonne Petroskey, at Schuss Mt. and Sharon Koppe, Wayne Koppe, Howard Benford, and Allan Wolf at Koppe's home . Chrys Benford also in attendance.

The meeting was chaired by Allan Wolf in the absense of the president. 

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. 

Allen submitted the Treasurer's report 

Starting Balance     3-1-03      27,973.98 
Income                                     3,433.00 
Expenses                                      161.97 
Ending Balance     3-31-03      31,245.01 

A motion was made and seconded to appoint Frank Dean as president of SVEPOA. The motion passed . Frank Dean is now the president . 

A motion was made and seconded to appoint Sharon Koppe as vice president. The motion passed and Sharon was appointed to that position. 

Chrys Benford made a suggestion that the board investigate the possibility of board members being compensated in some way as an incentive to becoming board members. A proposal was made that an owner who is newly elected to the board would receive a reduction of fifty percent of dues on all properties owned for the year following attendance of a minimum of seventy-five percent of board meetings for the calendar year. Article VI, Section 5,of the By-laws of SVEOPA prohibits any salary or compensation to board members or officers for services to SVEOPA. Article IX , Section 1, directs how the by-laws may be amended. 

Allen reported that all material had been provided to our attorney to proceed with the court action on Lot 126 and the court papers should be served shortly. The purchase offer has now been withdrawn. Allen related a letter he received from a former board member expressing a concern about the board not up-holding the restrictions of SVE in this matter. 

The newsletter is ready to be sent out, but needs to include the property for sale listing. Allen will up-date the listing and make it available 

The sledding hill project needs to be pursued . A concern was expressed about snowmobiles interfering with sledding and will be dealt with if it becomes a problem. Allen has been in contact with Consumers Energy to see if they have any problems with this project and they only require access to the right of way.  Frank Dean should proceed on this project whenever he has the time. 

Frank Dean, Allan Wolf and Lonne Petroskey will get together to develop a design similar to the mailbox stands. The design should include a place for a map and a copy of the restrictions ,also places for the newsletter, information brochures and other material. Allen has contacted Rodger Fulkerson about printing the color maps. 

Mail-box stands need to be provided by SVE and at least one more is needed. 

Sharon Koppe has volunteered to contact all new home owners to inform them about mail boxes and possible locations . Heidi Lang has mail boxes available for new residents if they request them. 

The issue of how the roads appear on the plat maps was discussed. The plat maps need to be changed at the Antrim County Register of Deeds Office and require Court Approval. A motion was made and passed to retain Jim Young's office to do this at a cost not to exceed three thousand dollars ($3000). 

Work day on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend should start at 9;00 A.M. with a cookout at approximately 6:00 P.M. Koppes reported that the dumpster was filled on the last weekend of March. Allen will contact the trash removal company for a larger dumpster.

The May Board meeting will be held in conjunction with the cook-out on the work day.

Respectfully submitted Lonne Petroskey Secretary

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