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MARCH 15,2003

Members present: Heidi Lang,Lone Petroskey,Tim Suppes,Sharon Koppe and Allen Wolf via. telephone.

Meeting called to order and agenda passed out by Heidi Lang. Minutes from February distributed and read by members present. Minutes approved.

Treasurer' s Report by Allen,

Beginning balance Feb. 1, 2003     $ 27,973.98 
Feb. income                                       3,433.00 
Feb. expenses                                       161.97 
Ending balance Feb, 28, 2003        $ 31,245.01

Treasurer's Report approved.

Update on lot 126 - Property is currently listed by owner with realtor for $19,400. Allen has approached realtor with an offer of $8,000. Allen also submitted a draft of the letter to be sent to the owner stating the position of the SVEPOA Board and it's intentions. A discussion of the owners efforts to improve the property followed.

Heidi contracted with Annie Hurst to plow snow from Cory Court so owners of lot 75 will have access to their driveway. Plowing to be done at request of owner at $30 per occasion. Contract for next winter to include plowing of Cory Court. Paving of Cory Court and assessment of Cory Court property discussed. Allen indicated that property bordering a paved road are assessed for paving.Of the three remaining lots on Cory Court , only one owner has inquired about paving and that owner is delinquent in paying dues.

Articles needed for newsletter, various items by Heidi, Allen, Sharon, Tim and Lone are in progress. Also to be published are the building permit application and township clean-up dates.

The annual work party and clean-up day is set for the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, followed by a cook-out afterward. That is May 24,2003.

Clean-up responsibilities are; 
Tim Suppes--------------paint or stain mail boxes 
Frank Dean--------kiosk 
Heidi Lang---------------planting 
Sharon Koppe----general clean-up 
Lonne Petroskey-------repair shuffle board court 
Allen Wolf----------volley ball court 

Heidi presented a draft of the building permit application followed by a discussion of items needed to be included. Heidi brought us up to date on the effort to find a management company to handle the more unpleasant tasks of running the association. Heidi and Tim are to investigate further. 

One last item was on the agenda: Because of un-resolvable conflicts with personal and work related issues, Heidi Lang is regretfully submitting her resignation from the position of Board President and Board Member. She has expressed a desire to finish the projects she is currently involved in and to remain active in the activities of SVE. With Allen's suggestion Heidi agreed to take over publication of the news-letter. We are very sorry to see her step aside but can understand her feelings.

The April meeting is scheduled for Thursday,April 10, at 7:30 P.M. Location to be determined.

As there was no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Lonne Petroskey, Secretary

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