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SVEPOA Board Meeting
January 18, 2003  

Meeting called to order by Heidi Lang

Members attending were Heidi Lang, Sue Williams, Allen Wolf, Phil Bertolini, Howard Benford, and Tim Suppes; and Architectural Committee chair, John Williams.  Also attending was Lonne Petroskey. 

Motion made to appoint Lonne Petroskey to fill the vacant position on the board. Motion seconded and passed.                                                         

Heidi asked for a volunteer to serve as secretary.   No one volunteered so Heidi exercised her authority as President and appointed Lonne Petroskey to serve as Secretary.

Treasurer's report given by Allen Wolf showed account balances of approximately thirty thousand dollars after expenditures for lot purchases and work and material for parks.

Problems with lot 126 discussed. Details of the board discussion of this situation are available from the Secretary.  Legal action was postponed in order to consider alternative resolution.

The board discussed the possibility of purchasing lots that are offered at auction by county for back taxes. The board felt that it would not be beneficial to S.V.E. to purchase lots that would then have to sell to recoup our investment.

Allen reported that George Johnson was following up on the roads being turned over to the county. This was to be done upon completion of the paving but has not been done as of this date.  The board feels that any expense associated with this effort should be covered by our attorney and should have been included in the paving project.

The board has not been able to find restrictions for SVE sec.3. This needs further study.

The board discussed the benefits of having a favored real estate agent.  No decision reached

Information kiosk near basketball court at Riverside Park discussed. Design and placement to be studied further.  

Articles for newsletter were solicited and bowling party was discussed briefly. 

February meeting was scheduled for Saturday , Feb . 15, at 9:00 A.M. To be held at Northwood Lodge or Phil Bertolini’s.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Lonne Petroskey


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