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Minutes of the October 19, 2002, Annual Meeting – Swiss Village East Property Owner’s Association 

Members present: Heidi Lang, Sharon Koppe,  Michael Dean, Roger Fulkerson, John Apfel, Jeri Apfel, Dorothy Lehman, George Johnson, Allen Wolf, John Williams, Tim Stone, Jerry Sommer, Doug Galbraith, Jackie Galbraith .

Meeting began at 10:00 am.  All participants were at Northwoods Lodge with the exception of John Williams who was on the phone.

Elections of board members held.

The following board members’ terms will be completed on December 31: Phil Bertolini, Lonne Petroskey, Jerry Sommer, Allen Wolf, and Bill Law.  Each present Board member whose term was expiring was presented with a beautiful SVE sweatshirt.

Bill Law has discontinued his participation in Board activities over frustration with the handling of Lot 126.  The membership voted to send Bill and Karen a letter thanking them for all their efforts in Swiss Village East. Allen Wolf to write and send.  They will each receive an SVE sweatshirt as well.

Association has purchased Lots 173 and 174 near Hilhelmtell Park.  The lots, which were acquired for under $10,000, will be used for a future Children’s Park. 

Heidi Lang gave a report on the George Johnson Riverside Park.  The DEQ permit has been secured; work on pathway, platform and boardwalk is progressing.  Work will completed by spring 2003.

The Koppe’s have 3 benches they want to donate to the pathway. 

Newsletter – Much thanks to Roger Fulkerson for all the great work on the newsletter.  We need articles. 

Wine tasting party in December – Sharon Koppe to coordinate.

Heidi Lang spoke on the lawn service’s work and expense: Northern Exposure will mow all shoulders next year only 3 times: around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.  In addition, the front entrance will be mowed every couple of weeks as needed at $25/time. Heidi will work with the contractor for next year’s service to assure smooth operation.  She will prepare a contract specifying terms and times.

Allen Wolf presented the President’s Report.  Swiss Village East Property Owners’ Association is running well.  We’ve made nice progress on the George Johnson Park and acquired additional park land.  The architectural committee is functioning well.  Property values are increasing. The newsletter looks great and is being sent to realtors and title companies.  The basketball court added another basket and is being well groomed.  The beautification committee headed up by Bill and Karen, plus property owners on their own have done much to beautify SVE. Jerry Sommer planted grass seed.  Lonne Petroskey arranged to level and seed the area east of the basketball court.  The SVE directory has been updated.  Jerry Sommer sent out the new Antrim County directory.  The SVE web site has been maintained and enhanced.  James Manning has been appointed webmaster.  Other than a temporary glitch on the dumpster pickup, the trash dumpster has proven to be an extremely popular Property Owners Association perk. 

Lot 126 has proven to be a particularly problemsome issue.  The owners cleared the lot and prepared for pouring of footings early in the summer of 2001.  The footings weren’t poured until late in the summer.  To date, only the basement walls have been put up.  SVE restrictions require completion of the exterior within 6 months.  The owners of the property have made numerous commitments which have not been kept. The owners were asked to provide evidence that they have the financial means to complete construction.  Although promising to provide such evidence, they have failed to do so.  Frank Dean and the Koppe’s offered to provide physical labor to assist the owners in completion of their project.  However, the problem appears to be that they do not have the funds to purchase the materials.  The possibility of the Association purchasing the property and tearing down the existing construction was discussed.  While not viewed as a desirable action, the Association will be taking the owners to court if no other resolution is found.  Residents voiced frustration that the owners have not been forthright about the situation.

Allen stressed the need for more property owners to become involved in the association so that it can live up to its potential.

George Johnson suggested increasing the numbers of board members.

Election results: Tim Suppes, Allen Wolf, Frank Dean, Phil Bertolini, and Sharon Koppe have been elected to the board. 

Our roads are still showing up as private in the Register of Deeds Office.  They should be on the plat as public.  This was paid for in the bond. George Johnson agreed to follow up with our attorney.

Dorthy Lehman’s title policy shows restrictions for section 3 as being the same as 2. Allen Wolf made a motion to pursue getting Section 3 owners to agree to adopting restrictions.  Doug Galbraith 2nd, all in favor.  Passed 

John Williams gave architectural report – Lot 126 property appears to be only major problem. 

Heidi Lang to speak with Lot 139 owners to “reforest” their property and to possibly add some more mature trees in the front of their house.  

Need to check on power line easement where the toboggan hill is to go. 

A sheet was passed around for committee participation: Architectural: Frank Dean; Restrictions: Frank Dean; Newsletter, Tim and Laury Stone and Doug and Jackie Galbraith; Social: Sharon Koppe; Roads, Frank Dean. 

Treasurer report on record – balance as of 9/30/02 $27,123.08. 

Meeting adjourned and lunch was served.

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