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S.V.E.P.O A.  Board Members Meeting
September 19. 2002    7:30 P.M.




Home of Karen and Bill Law S.V.E.

In attendance:  Vice-President…  Heidi Lang

                         Secretary….          W. Law

                         Board Members..   Doug Galbrath/ Jackie

                                                         Lonne Petrosky


Home of Allen Wolf

In attendance: President….. Allen Wolf

                       Board Member. Howard Benford

Nevarez Property


Law informed Board of conversation with attorney, William Hofmann of  Plunkett and Cooney of Petoskey. 

Hoffman stated that it would appear the Association has been very patient with the situation involving the construction site, and our Association will have to make a decision on enforcement of the by-laws.  Mr. Hoffman stated further that if the Association continues to extend dead-lines, it could acquire a reputation for not enforcing  building restrictions.     Requesting a proof of  construction loan for the home was also suggested, and would not be a unreasonable action of the Association. 

A motion was unanimously passed by board members to make the following resolution pertaining to the Nevarez site: 

  1. Show proof  of  a Construction Loan  by September 30, 2002

  2. The Home will be constructed within 6 Months with occupancy permit, prior to living in the home, (Antrim County Building code)

  3. Immediately remove stumps and debris from road easement

  4. Remove motor home and miscellaneous debris from lot

 Johnson Park

 Heidi Lang advised board that the permits for the stairs and board walk have been applied for and the completion date for the project will be prior to winter this year.




Allen Wolf requested all articles be sent to him for the current newsletter as soon as possible.

 Sweat Shirts

 Heidi Lang advised Board that she has been in contact with  Modern Sportswear in Bellaire,  for obtaining shirts and sweat shirts with the “Swiss Village East”  logo

Heidi stated the price of the product appear competitive.  Wolf suggested, that one sweatshirt be produced by the company for the board to look at prior to ordering in quantities.


Terms of  Board members, Wolf, Law, Phil Bertolini, Sommer, Petrosky will expire this year and Howard Benford and Wayne Koppe will establish a ballot for the October 19 election.  Law informed Howard that Tim Suppes who is building a home on Lot #206 and #207 for his family, has a interest in being a board member.  Heidi stated Frank Dean, of  New Country Contraction, and lot owner also has stated he had a interest in the Association.

Carolyn Wilson  

Doug and Jackie Galbraith, updated the board on the health  concerns of Carolyn, and her possible need for assistance.  It was the unanimous consent of the Board to  support Carolyn in her time of need.   

Social Activities

 Board Members talked about future new activities, in an attempt to draw property owners into social events.

 Meeting terminated at  9 P.M.


William Law,  S.V.E.P.O.A.  Secretary

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