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SVEPOA Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2002
10:00 A.M.
 Northwood Lodge
In Attendance   

President. Allen Wolf, Howard and Chris Benford, Lon Petrosky, John and Sue Williams, Bill and Karen Law, and Special Guest Ted Lahti.


Ted Lahti (who was the original developer of  S.V.E.) enlightened members in the process involved procuring and laying out the design of the 480 acres of land to be S.V.E.

 Lahti stated further that the original surveying process and restriction where planned by Gene Osling.

The development of  S.V.E. was in progress simultaneously as Schuss Mountain was being built, and Lahti had a working relationship with the Schuss Mountain developers.


It was because of the oil embargo of the early 1970’s  that  problems were generated by the lack of tourism, and ultimately a poor financial situation  followed for the development.


Although Ted now lives in California, he has volunteered to assist the Association to continue the improvements and updating the early records of  S.V.E.      


Financial Report


Treasurer Sue Williams reported to the members that after the purchase of the two lots by the Association for a children’s park, our currant balance is $31,000.

Sue also added that at this time, approximately 75% of the lot owners are currant with dues payment.


President Wolf made a motion, and was seconded by Petrosky, that the association pay board member Sommer the sum of $400 for a previous lawn service (which reflects the lowest bid obtained).  Motion passed unanimously.  Wolf also requested that Sommer be advised once again that commitments can not be made for work which has not been authorized by the Board.

Secretary Law made a motion and was seconded by Benford that the Association contract

“Northern Exposure Lawn Service” for next year’s lawn cutting. Motion passed unanimously.

 Secretary Law requested the Association attempt to locate a bid from local help to assist with the construction of  the stairs and boardwalk in the Cedar River area  (possibly on a weekend or evening basis.  Vice-President Heidi Lang volunteered to make the attempt to locate someone.

 Secretary:  William Law

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