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S.V.E.P.O.A Meeting
May 12, 2002     5PM
Northwood Lodge S.V.E.

 In Attendance… President Allen Wolf, Vice Heidi Lang, Secretary Bill Law, Board Members….Wayne Koppe,  Doug Galbraith,  Jerry Sommer.  Also in Attendance, Karen Law, Sharon Koppe, Jackie Galbraith, Dave and Annette Naverez, Mr.& Mrs. Roger Fulkerson, Mr & Mrs. Frank Dean.  Via conference phone, board member, Howard Benford.

 Financial Report

 Allen Wolf reported a Strong Financial Status at $42,398.87 as of 3/31/02,

With 55% of the dues collected.  Late notice letters are currently being sent out to lot owner in arrears.  Six liens have been recently removed from delinquent property owners after payment of back dues.

 Johnson Park

Heidi Lang reported on the development of the Johnson Park.  Heidi presented a current design of the park area, which will include split rail fencing, stairways, a parking area, and a deck near the river.  A list of local contactors has been contacted for bids on the project.

Heidi added several permits will be required and will be applied for, when needed.

Custer Township Supervisor, Bob Ricksger was contacted by Heidi, in a attempt to have “NO PARKING” signs be installed by Antrim County along the Cedar River Dr. from Schuss Mountain Rd. into the area of S.V.E. 

 Children’s Park

 Annette Naverez reported she has several possibilities for the playground area which would include swings, a tube style slide, and a framework area for children to climb on.  In reviewing the cost of pre-made items, Annette suggested we check into the cost of purchasing the items in a kit form and assemble the playground. Location of the playground site has not yet been determined, and Annette suggested we look into the possibility of purchasing a lot in a central location of S.V.E. 

 After discussion with the Board members, it was suggested a committee be selected to locate a proper site for the playground, which Annette will chair.  Sharon Koppe, Karen Law and Bill Law volunteered for the committee.  The criteria for lot selection should include, but not be limited to being a semi-flat lot, with minimal need for tree removal and centrally located.  Price should also be a factor in the purchase.  



Allen Wolf  requested feed-back by members on the status of the dumpster use, since the rate of  pick-up by Waste Management was changed to once a week.  Bill Law stated that the rate of  pick-up appears to improved the problems of overflow.  Bill advised if members use common sense in the use of dumpster, by crushing boxes and not dumping motor oil or other items listed and prohibited on the dumpster, would solve any other problems.  

After discussion in reference to building a fence around the dumpster, it was decided a fence should not be used to enclose the dumpster.  It was the general consensus that the fence would only add to the collection of  blowing debris and inhibit the future possibility of relocation (if needed).



Cory Court paving

 Wayne Koppe stated he has been working with past President George Johnson, to have Cory Court paved.  Wayne advised H&D Construction estimated the cost of paving to be $17,000.

Wayne will get bids from 2 other paving companies.   Wayne is to contact Kearney Twp. Supervisor Tim Comben, in an attempt to get an adjustment from the county since our association paved Alpenhorn which is an Antrim County Road.  



The added assistance from lot owner Roger Fulkerson in the area of printed materials, such as the newsletter, stationary, has been a true asset to the association.  The quality of printing gave a true professional appearance to our documents and newsletter…Thanks again Roger!

Work still continues on the development of  an information  brochure for S.V.E, and printing will begin in the near future.


Allen Wolf is requesting more help in the area of committees, and projects, to alleviate some of the board members from being overloaded with assignments. With the amount of property owners in the association, it would appear this should not be a problem.

 Architectural Committee        

 John Williams has taken over the duties of chairman of the architectural committee, from Jerry Sommers. This will free Jerry to handle his other assignments. Jerry will continue as a committee member.  Jerry thanks for your efforts and work while Chairman.

The committee will make it a policy to review plans on a timely basis, and upon approval, each member of committee will sign an acknowledgement and acceptance of plans (which follow the guidelines of the architectural mission checklist of the committee).  John will be responsible for the final approval and notification of the property owner.

Introduction Letters

 Karen Law displayed to the members, the contents of the” welcome package” that is currently being sent to every new property owner.  The package includes an introductory letter, maps of the area, and the particular lot purchased. A list of rules and regulations, and several directories of things to do and places to see in the Antrim area are also included.    


Allen Wolf requested a committee be formed for the duty of soliciting candidates for future election of officers and board members.  Members of the committee will be Doug Galbraith, Loni Petroskey, Heidi Lang, Bill Law.


 Newsletter Committee

 The deadline for the next newsletter is June 20th.   Annette Naverez is committee chairperson.  Annette is requesting more participation and input for the newsletter.

Jackie Galbraith and Sharon Koppe will assist in articles.  Again, thanks to Roger Fulkerson for the printing.   

 Social Committee

 Sharon Koppe reported fun was had by all, who attended the canoe trip.  Discussion by the board to make the canoe trip an annual event was well received.

Sharon would like suggestions from any property owner on social events or outings for the future.    

 Spring Clean-Up

 Spring clean up will be Saturday June 22  (9am) meet at the tennis court.  For information call  Wayne Koppe or Bill Law.   Maintaining the area reflects directly on association as a whole. 

Bill Law advised that the Antrim County Road Commission removed trees along the road to assist in the snow-plowing in the winter.  Consequently quantities of good firewood were left by the county.  If  members of  the association need wood feel free to remove it.


Other Business 



Mail Boxes    Bill Law suggested  because of the increase of building in the area, we need to look into expanding our mail stations.  The need to build a station for homes along Cedar River Dr.  should also be authorized when a location is determined by home owners involved.

A motion to authorize the construction of mail stations as the need arises, was made by Allen Wolf and seconded by Jerry Sommer.  Motion was passed unanimously. 


Road Maintenance   Allen Wolf reminded members that bids are needed when the cost of the project(s) are beyond minor expenditures.  Bids for road and shoulder maintenance will be obtained.   A request to the Antrim County Road commission should be made.

Jerry Sommers will send a request for a road maintenance bids to a list of contractors supplied by Heidi Lang, and inform the board, prior to any action.


Building Restrictions   Jerry Sommers, working with past president George Johnson has compiled a revised building restriction. Jerry will send all board members a copy of the restrictions.  Allen Wolf request all members to review the restrictions and respond within 30 days with input.


Meeting Adjourned   7PM


A cook-out followed the meeting for all property owners and was hosted by Allen and Mandy Wolf.  The meal was enjoyed by all that attended.  Thanks! Allen and Mandy



William Law


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