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Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 16, 2002

The SVEPOA Board Meeting was held on 2/16 at John and Sue Williams' condo at Shanty Creek with a phone hookup to Wayne Koppe downstate.  Directors present included president Allen Wolf, treasurer Sue Williams, Howard Benford, Phil Bertolini, Wayne Koppe, and Jerry Sommer.  Guests included Terri Bertolini, Ray Bertolini, and John Williams.

Financial Report.  A new January financial report replaces the previously-issued report.  Issues have arisen with the current account at Smith Barney in the areas of low interest, poor service, and no statements.  Moved by Bertolini, second by Williams to move account to American Express; carried unanimously.  

Park Plan.  Report from Heidi Lange and John Williams on proposed walk and fence from the proposed parking lot east of the court to George's park area.  Sommer to talk to Fred Hunt about "no parking" signs on the hill.  Moved by Bertolini, second by Williams to pursue bids for fence and walk; passed with one "nay".

Covenants.  Wolf has not been able to find recorded covenants.  Suggestion to contact Don Brant, a Traverse City lawyer familiar with the situation.  Suggestion to contact Ted Lahti.

Tax Sales of 5 Lots.  Moved by Williams, second by Bertolini that the Association not buy lots except for use by the association, e.g., parks or park access; carried unanimously.

Cory Court Paving.  Koppe to talk to Arnie Hurst about prodding the County on this subject.

SVE Sweatshirts.  24-36 orders are required but there is expressed interest in only about 8.  This will be delayed.

SVE Brochures.  These would be for title insurance companies and realtors, and would include building restrictions, association info, and a map.  Roger Fulkerson has volunteered to do design, layout, and printing.

Property Issues.  Received a proposed house design which, though not very detailed, appears to be substandard.  More information is needed so the architectural committee can look into this.

Consumers Energy Boxes.  Bill Law to follow up with them on possible getting the boxes painted.

Howard Benford

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