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Minutes of SVEPOA Board Meeting
June 9, 2001


Attendees  at Northwoods Lodge: Allen Wolf, Karen and Bill Law, Wayne and Sharon Koppe,  Doug and Jackie Galbraith, Jerry Sommer, Ellen and Leonard Schmitt.

Beautification – George Johnson Riverside Park

 All of the attendees worked on beautifying SVE today – June 9.  We put sealer on the wood benches in Riverside Park and one of the mailbox stands.  We weed-wacked down by the river and around the basketball court.  We raked the leaves off of the court, replaced the existing basketball backboard and hoop, and began installation of a new hoop (to permit semi-full court basketball).  A downpour interrupted our work.  We made the most of it with a pizza lunch and a few beers at the Law's residence.  Thank you to all the workers and the Laws for their hospitality.


We also surveyed the park for the master plan for the park.  The Board agreed on a rough plan to build steps at the intersection of Schuss Mountain Road and Cedar River Drive, a boardwalk along the River to just east of the basketball court and then steps leading from the River up to Cedar River Road.  Waynewill study the plat to get the approximate distances to calculate the needed lumber.  He expects to have this done in two-four  weeks (June 23). 


Heidi Manning, Bill Law, Jerry Sommer, and Wayne constitute the Riverside Park Improvement Committee. 


Heidi and Troy will be asked to work on the plans.


Heidi and Jerry will get the necessary County and State permits.


Bill  will get bids on the materials.  Jerry mentioned that we need to use .60 Wohlmanized  lumber.


Heidi and Jerry will ascertain whether we can get labor from the County.


The full board will review the plans and cost before work commences.  We hope to begin work this year.



Beautification – Park Sign


The board agreed that we want to commission a sign for the "George Johnson Riverside Park."  The sign should be sandblasted on a large rock.  Wayne will get a price quote and proposed design from his brother-in-law.



Beautification – Entranceway Sign


Bill and Karen consulted with D&D signs in Traverse City.   They passed around samples of their Urethane signs.  The cost would be $3600 for a 4' x 6' sign.  This includes installation with finials and with gold leaf lettering.  The sign would be expected to last 15 to 25 years.  The vendor will develop a design proposal after receiving some pictures from Karen and Bill.  Karen and Bill will also obtain other bids.  They expect to come back to the Board with a proposal in one month.


Jerry suggested they talk to Bob Wilcox as well.


Allen will write to the owners to obtain their permission to place the sign on their property. 


Beautification – Himetell Park


Jerry proposed that we begin developing a plan for this park.  We recognized that this might take 5 years to complete and that we won't begin until we are done with our plans for Riverside Park.


Ideas include an open pavilion (which might be enclosed later), a sand volleyball court, picnic tables and grills.


Jerry and Wayne will work on the plans.



Beautification – SVE Signs


It was agreed to remove the small SVE Private Road signs on East and West Village Drives.   This was because they are decaying and the roads are no longer private.  Bill will remove signs, Jerry will dispose.


Liens – Cedar River and River Ridge Roads


Because of past complaints from property owners on these roads that they didn't receive the same benefits of membership that other residents receive (because their roads were maintained by the county), the board passed a motion on dues for these properties.


The Motion is as follows:


Owners on these roads (Cedar River and River Ridge) will be sent a registered letter offering amnesty for past dues prior to 1999 (the year all roads were paved and became county roads).  If the owner agrees to:


-         pay dues for 1999, 2000 and 2001 within 90 days of receipt of the letter,

-         sign a letter of intent, binding them, their assigns, and future owners of their property to abide by the By-laws of SVEPOA and the Use Restrictions of SVE 1-4.


Then, any dues prior to 1999 will be forgiven.  If any owner fails to do so, a lien will be placed on the property for the full amount owed, plus $25 per year, and simple interest of 18% per year.


Motion passed unanimously. 


Carolyn on Lot 6 bought her lot in 2000 and would owe only for 2000 and 2001. (Allen)


To determine the amount owed, Jerry will research the purchase dates at the Equalization, Assessor's and Register of Deeds offices.



Dues Collection Process  -- Wayne


Dues notices will be mailed (as always) in November.


Dues are due on January 1.


On January 31, Final Notices will be sent by certified mail.


During the month of May, liens will be placed on delinquent properties.


To release a lien, the owner will be required to pay the delinquent amount, plus $25, plus interest (at 18%) if legally permissible.



Randy Morrison Letter  -- Allen


A letter from Randy Morrison was read at the meeting.


Allen will send Mr. Morrison a reply regarding his concerns about the dues informing him of the placement of the lien and they $25 per year fee.





We will discuss in detail at a future meeting the comments received from our attorney on the proposed changes.



Labor Day Weekend -- Karen


We will have a barbecue Labor Day weekend.  We will also finish up work on the shuffleboard court if not yet completed.  We agreed to leave the concrete slab, remove any cinder blocks above the 2nd row, and fill the tops of the cinder blocks with cement.  We will put fill dirt in up to the level of the 2nd cinder block top.  We will plant seed.  Jerry will bury old cinder blocks or haul them off.  Jerry has obtained the permit.


Road Shoulder Maintenance


Allen will prepare a letter to Fred Hunt requesting the County pay for shoulder maintenance work we did.  Jerry will present the letter to Fred.


We had the roads brushed to remove sand and we had the grass cut on the shoulders.


Heidi – please advise the board regarding seeding and covering with hay areas of the shoulders where we are experiencing sand washing over the road.



Lot Sale Advertising


Realtor signs that are in decay and have been on the property for years will be removed.

 Property owners in good standing will be able to advertise their lots for sale in the newsletter.  They will be allowed a few lines of text highlighting their property.

Sharon will talk to realtors to see if we can get one realtor to take on the task of coordinating sale of lots regardless of who the listing broker is.


Lot 41


Lot 41 has had recent survey work done.  Allen will send the owner a letter.

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