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 7:30 PM to 9:25 PM 
SVE- Law Residence 
Detroit - Garver- Wolf Residence 

Riverside Park Naming  Motion to rename park to: George Johnson Riverside Park Conclusions: Park should be renamed. Sign should be subtle and unobtrusive. Allen to contact Wayne Koppe to find sign maker. Recommend a stone sign, sandblasted or laser engraved. Stone should be large enough so it won't be moved. 

Allen to contact Wayne May 20 

Bring proposal to Board Wayne June 9

 Beautification Day  

 Discussion: We will varnish the benches, plant flowers at Riverside Park and around mailboxes, clean up, cut grass, varnish mailbox stands. We will take more time to study major renovations to Riverside Park 

Conclusions: Heidi will talk to soil conservation agent to determine what we can and can't do; permit issues, etc. Need to explore parking issues. Will consider adding gravel, building wooden ramps, etc. Will do further planning on June 9 Jerry will remove loose cinder blocks. 

Attendees: Karen, Bill, Jerry, Allen, Mandy. Schmidts may stay at Lodge. 

Action items:   

Research what we can do Heidi  by June 9 Meeting on June 9 at 4 pm at Northwoods Lodge 

Garbage Removal: Waste Management will provide a 3 yard dumpster. Pickup weekly for $70/month or twice a month for $50/mo. Conclusions: Homeowners interested in garbage dumpster will contract on their own. The Association will facilitate the arrangement by informing owners of the arrangement and giving them contact info. 

Action items: Person responsible:   Heidi to contact Arnie to inform him of decision 

Talk to Wayne and George to see if they are interested. Allen May 22 

Sign- Rules and Regulations 

 Discussion: County will not lower speed limit below 55 mph. Conclusions: We will install 3 "children at play" signs at least 33 ½ feet from center of road. Action items: Person responsible: Deadline: Purchase signs, hardware, posts Call Miss Dig Jerry June 9 Install Beautification Day Team June 9 

SVE 5 Participation: No news C

Status of Dues and Liens:

 Discussion: Wayne not present. 


 Doug will get Allen his daughter's phone number or have her call Allen. (Note: phone number received)   Allen to talk with Kyle Staulter (Doug's daughter)

Architectural Committee Report:   Discussion: Al Leach's plan was approved. Will pull together guidelines for the committee. Owners will be required to come back if changes made to plans. Will be reviewing Nevarez' plans.

Conclusions: Committee needs to obtain signature on plans and store them for safekeeping. Action items: Person responsible: Deadline: Architectural committee will meet to work on above Jerry by June 9.

Selection of Attorney:

 Discussion: Bill has done a lot of research. Talked to Lakes of the North which uses a retired judge from Gaylord. The Bar Association recommended Joseph Quoit (sp?) in Traverse City. Schuss uses its former president, David Munroe and Rowe. Conclusions: Bill will continue to explore. Action items:      Person responsible: Deadline: Research further     Bill                     June 9

Road Shoulder Maintenance 

Discussion: Been waiting for Arnie to revise RFQ. We want cutting done by Memorial Day. Jerry has a business card of a possible source (who did brush hogging for us before). We can also contact Trees North. Conclusions: We'll at least try to have brush hogging done before Memorial Day, if we can't get it cut properly. Action items: Heidi will send out RFQ  asap.

Planned expenditures-

phone, web hosting, domain name Allen 5 Discussion: Conclusions: Action items:  Check out what is best- .org or .com Phil By 5/31 Register our domain name Allen By 5/31

Create a letterhead Phil 6/9

Change PO Box Allen to talk to Wayne

Need new logo tbd

Add Phil to distribution list Allen Wolf done Email mission statement to all Wayne 5/31

Welcome Packet status:   Good job Karen.. Conclusions:   Send Karen map Allen asap


Unanimous agreement to construct new entranceway sign. Bill will pursue vendors and styles. Conclusions: Bill authorized to spend a few hundred dollars if necessary to get a design.

Discussion of what we want our logo to "say" Board June 9 meeting

Add Realtors to newsletter distribution list (Real Estate One, Caldwell Banker, Shanty vacation resorts, Dave Fisher (TC) Allen

Next newsletter Website and Newsletter   Discussion: Website is great. Like having dues balance on mailing label. Conclusions: We will not publish sale prices. Sales prices will be circulated to Board members only. 

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