Directors present (Bloomfield Hills): Wolf, Koppe, Benford, R. Bertolini, P. Bertolini; 

Directors present (SVE): Law, Lang, Sommer, Hurst.

Directors absent: Galbraith.

Guests present: C. Benford, T. Bertolini.


Minutes from 3/22 meeting.  Hurst read minutes taken by Lang. 


1) Will the info for the welcome package come from the Chamber of Commerce and other “free” sources?  Yes. 

2) Are there bids for paving Cory Court?  It turns out we paid for paving Alpenhorn Court, which is a county road, so we're trying to exchange this for Cory Court.

 Brochure.  No new information.  Galbraith's daughter doing this. 

Architectural Committee Issues.  Hurst resigned his commission on the committee due to his opposition to one or two homes which have been built; committee now comprised of Law, Lang, Sommer, and Galbraith.  It was asked whether the position on certain types of construction could be changed, or would this lead to legal action in the future?  Sommer to call committee meeting to report position to Board. 

Property owner Leach plans to build 1800 sq ft home on lots 15-17.  Koppe has plans and will show them to committee.  Don't know about soil erosion permit (it abuts the river).  Sommer to check on building permits.   (Editor’s note: Soil erosion permit is posted on site)

Hurst stated that it's not easy to control building issues.  Koppe stated that our approval is necessary, per our restrictions.  Legal action against owners in violation would have to come from us, not from the county.  Jim Young to be asked what could be done.  New owner packages should have building restriction info. Realtors also should be made aware.

 Road Shoulder Maintenance.  Request for bids will be sent out by Lang.  Hurst, Lang, Law to develop specs. 

Newsletter.  The new editor is Annette Nevarez.

Address Database Maintenance.  Lang to update once Wolf has provided her with Excel.  Association to purchase a speaker phone for use in SVE for meetings. 

Liens Status.  Treasury balance is $32,133.  There will be a new tier of liens for next meeting; Koppe to do new rules, also list of billing and other info.  $5186 has been collected in 2001.

 Beautification.  Information next meeting.  Check with township Supervisors on spacing limits to roads; it's 34 feet for the county. 

Welcome Packets.  Karen Law is empowered to do this. 

New Business.  Speed limits - Sommer to talk to Bob Ricksgers.

"Children at Play" signs - Sommer to talk to Ricksgers and Fred Hunt, or we could put up our own if we mind the spacing limit.

Hurst proposed that we have a process for setting priorities; Hurst, Koppe, P. Bertolini to be a Committee to propose a template for establishing priorities.

 Next Meeting.  5/17 will be the next Board meeting.  Suggested agenda items: 1) Garbage removal (Hurst); 2) Sign - rules and regulations (Sommer); 3) SVE#5, Estates participation in improvements (Sommer).


        H. L. Benford