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Swiss Village East Meeting

Saturday January 20, 2018

10:00 a.m.

Lonne Petroskey’s Home




I.          Call to Order

     a.    Meeting was called to order at 10:06 am


II.          Roll Call

     a.     Board Members: Rob Poupard, Robert Durga, Heidi Schafer, Lon Petroskey, Mark Berghoef, Ralph Crosslin, Aleta Berghoef

     b.    Other Property Owners: Al and Phyllis Leach, Stephanie Koppe, Allen Wolf, Brad and Gail Whalley


III.         Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes

     a.     Minutes were amended to indicate that in Item III, the motion was put forth by Lonne and seconded by Ralph.  In Item V, the motion was made by Ralph and seconded by Aleta.

     b.    Lonne moved to accept the minutes as amended and Heidi seconded.

     c.     Minutes were approved as amended

IV.        Election of Officers

     a.     The following individuals were nominated as officers:

          1.    Ralph Crosslin – President

          2.    Mark Berghoef – Vice President

          3.    Rob Poupard – Secretary

          4.    Lonne Petroskey – Treasurer

     b.    Aleta moved that the slate be accepted and Bob Durga seconded.

     c.     By unanimous vote, the slate was elected.


V.          Treasurer’s Report

     a.     Financial Report

          1.    Lonne highlighted that we started 2017 with $25,589.  Our major expense was related to the platting of the roads and was in excess of $12,000.  That project is now complete and paid.  Our year-end balance was $17,050.20.

          2.    Heidi moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Rob Poupard seconded.

     b.    Dues update

          1.    In 2017, we collected dues of $11,127.  We are at about 80% compliance.  Some of the money collected was in delinquent accounts.


VI.         Old Business

     a.     Recap Unfinished 2017 Projects

          1.    Power line Signs and cameras are planned.  Review at next meeting.

            (1) Al Leach has been posting surveillance signs.  One (450 lb.) sign and post was stolen. 

            (2) Additional signs are planned.

            (3) Erosion on the hill has improved.  Owners reminded not to use ORVs in sensitive erosion areas.

          2.    Speed Limit

            (1) Mark proposed that we allocate $1000 to have the Road Commission install 25MPH speed limit signs at a cost of $125 each. Ralph seconded.  Heidi to implement with Road Commission.

          3.    Children’s Park

            (1) Heidi to get quotes to add fresh wood chips.

            (2) A decision will be made in the spring about adding signage to the Children’s Park.  Berghoef’s have a Children at Play sign and the Association has a sign (from old dumpster area) “For SVE Property Owners Only”

          4.    Modification of Number of Board Members

           (1) No action to be taken at this time


VII.        New Business

     a.     Review Maintenance Contracts

          1.    Plowing – No change

          2.    Mowing—Lonne to obtain another quote prior to contract renewal in April

          3.    Delinquent Dues and Property Sales

            (1)  The Association has been approached about forgiving some portion of delinquent dues so that two properties can be sold.  The amount of dues owing is greater than the value of the property.  Review at next meeting.

            (2) Stephanie Koppe to put together a couple of alternatives for the Board to consider.

          4.    Architectural Committee – Lonne to continue as chair with Al Leach, Rob Poupard and Mark Berghoef joining the Committee.

     b.    High Speed Internet – With more people trying to work from home, hi-speed internet is increasingly important to owners and potential buyers.  Al Leach approached Charter Communications and provided them with requested information.  They replied that the cost would be $10 a foot to bring in the cabling.  Decided to wait on pending legislation at the Federal and State level as well as possible actions by ISPs.

     c.     Email – Aleta pointed out some email address corrections and will assist in converting our email to Wix.


VIII.       Calendar

     a.     Set 2018 Meeting Dates

          1.    Dates for 2018 are as follows:

             April 14—at Petroskey’s

             July 21 – Petroskey’s and Annual Picnic

            Oct 13 – Annual Meeting at Northwoods Lodge


IX.         Good and Welfare

     a.     Lonne was thanked for the holiday lights on the SVE sign

X.          Adjournment

     a.     Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am



Respectfully submitted by:


Aleta Berghoef, assisted by Allen Wolf

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