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Swiss Village East Meeting

Saturday April 14, 2018

10:00 a.m.

Lonne Petroskey’s Home




I.         Call to Order

    a.    Meeting was called to order at 10:05AM.


II.         Roll Call

    a.     Board Members

        1.    Ralph Crosslin, Mark Berghoef, Aleta Berghoef, Heidi Schaffer, Lonne Petroskey, Bob                 Durga, Mike Sherman, Rob Poupard

    b.    Other Members and Visitors

        1.    Al Leech, Stephanie Koppe, Brian Koppe, Nicole Sherman


III.        Approval of January Meeting Minutes

    a.     Mark moved to approve January minutes, and seconded by Lonne


IV.          Treasurer’s Report

    a.     Financial Report: Total account balance of $26,103.11.  YTD expenses are 233.92,            which consisted of bank fees, a Visa charge, and winter township tax.  Our year-end balance in 2017 was $17,050.20

    b.    Dues update:  Dues to date is at $9,256.00.

1.    Financial report moved to approve by Mark, and seconded by Rob.


V.         Old Business

    a.     Property Transfer update

        1.    Stephanie gave an update on Quit Claim deeds.  CSS Title: $150/deed.  The big question arose on how SVE treats a quit claim deed, or the process for selling related properties.  Mark offered to create a “first draft” of this process.  Stephanie also offered assistance during process development.

    b.    Signage update

        1.    Speed limit signs- Heidi awaiting feedback from the road commission.

    c.     Park Mulch update- Waiting for the snow to melt to better evaluate/quote the area.

    d.    Other

        1.    Internet Service- On going.  Lonne mentioned Shanty Creek Resorts may have an internet option if a house is in Line of Sight.  This would only be a possible option for a limited few.

        2.    Mowing Service- Lonne working on quotes.

VI.        New Business

    a.     Tree Removal on Association properties

        1.    Heidi will invite Mike M. to the July board meeting to discuss plan for potential tree harvest.

    b.    Association Gmail account access

        1.    Only Allen, Aleta, and Rob have access to the SVE gmail account.  The Association account can be used to send out mass emails to all members of SVE.

    c.     SVE Entrance garden

        1.    Aleta offered to help Lonne with the entrance gardening.

    d.    Other

        1.    Lonne gave Aleta the old maps for potential updating to the SVE website.


VII.       Calendar

    a.     Next Meeting – July 21

        1.    July 21- summer picnic.  Aleta is working on picnic advertising.


VIII.      Adjournment

    a.     Meeting was adjourned at 11:25AM.



Submitted by:

Rob Poupard

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