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Swiss Village East Meeting

Saturday July 21, 2018

10:00 a.m.

Lonne Petroskey’s Home




I.   Call to Order

    a.  Meeting was called to order at 10:02AM


II.  Roll Call

    a.  Board Members

         1.    Ralph Crosslin, Mark Berghoef, Aleta Berghoef, Heidi Shaffer, Lonne Petroskey, Doug Meyers, Mike Sherman, Rob Poupard

    b.  Visitors

         1.    Nicole Sherman, Rick McCarron, Al Leach, Stephanie Koppe

         2.    Special Guest- Mike Meriwether, ACD Forester


III.  Approval of January Meeting Minutes

    a.  Heidi and Aleta approve April minutes


IV.    Tree Removal Presentation by Mike Meriwether, ACD Forester

    a.  Mike gave an overview of the forestry business.

    b.  His suggestion would be to approach 2 companies for potential harvesting proposals

    c.  Mike can help for free otherwise the fee for consulting work would be ~$35/hour.

         1.    There are 4 different types of wood that can be harvested.

               (1) Veneer wood         ($$$)

               (2) Saw timber            ($$)

               (3) Pallet wood           ($)

               (4) Firewood               ($)

        2.    A complete evaluation of properties is needed to determine the quality of harvest.  Beech trees are the next main concern as these trees will be a detriment to the land much like ash trees are now.

        3.    Concerns- Agreement of property owners, property lines, and preservation of roads during a potential harvest are some mentioned.

        4.    A more thorough meeting would be needed in the fall to understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of a potential harvest.  A suggested timeframe for harvest would be during the winter months to preserve the pavement while frozen.

V.   Treasurer’s Report

      a.  Moved to approve by Rob and Heidi.

Dues Update- Dues are still at approximately 80%.

VI.  Old Business

     a.  Tree Removal Update (see Item IV)

     b.  Property Transfer update- no updated news.  Stephanie Koppe continuing to work on more information

     c.  Signage update- good progress.  $125/sign. Installation dates and proper locations still to be determined

     d.  Park Mulch update- Thanks to Heidi new mulch has been added in the Children’s Park.

     e.  Other Updates- no other updates

VII.   New Business

     a.  Elections are up this year.

             1.  Bob Durga, Heidi Shaffer, Patrick O’Neil, Ralph Crosslin, Aleta Berghoef

                  (1) To be addressed in October

    b.  Lonne requested that concrete be poured in the pavilion.

    c.  Heidi updated on recent flood plain

VIII.   Calendar

    a.  Next Meeting Oct 13 – Annual Meeting at Northwoods Lodge

IX.  Adjournment

    Motion to adjourn 11:24AM

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