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Swiss Village East Board Meeting

Saturday April 11, 2020

10:00 AM

Zoom internet (due to Covid-19)


I.          Call to Order -  10:06AM


II.          Roll Call

   a.     Board Members-   

      1.    Lonne Petroskey, Brad Whalley, Rick McCarren, Aleta Berghoef, Mark Berghoef, Stephanie Koppe, Julie Woods

   b.    Other Members and Visitors-

      1.    Allen Wolf, Ralph Crosslin


III.          Approval of Jan. Meeting Minutes-         

   a.     Rick approve, Stephanie seconded - Approved


IV.          Standing Committee Reports                                                 

   a.     Finance

      1.    Financial Report

         (1) Trees North needs contract renewal and ½ payment for year ($2750)

      2.    Property ownership changes

         (1) Lot 131-2 (Maromir Ct.) now belong to SVE – Need pictures for distribution to realtors.  On hold.

         (2) Lot 59-60 Bardwell

         (3) Shoecraft’s have sold to John and Lisa Leister 

         (4) Lot 40-42 to Ryan and Alyssa McCauley

         (5) Lot 11 – Sold from Theresa Brown to daughter

    b.     Grounds and Maintenance

         1.    Powerline upgrade

             (a) Power Co. agreed to leave select trees

             (b) On hold for now - expect to begin work this Spring

         2.    Mailbox stands

             (a) Need replacement to uniformity, extra capacity

             (b) Up to $1200 for 3 stands, made by Lonne

             (c) Motion by Brad, seconded by Rick - Approved

         3.    Entrance Erosion

             (a) Ideas being considered for future discussion

         4.    River Park clean up

             (a) Brad did some clean up, still need wood removed.

             (b) Future neighborhood cleanup on hold due to Covie-19

         5.    Community Park ideas

             (a) Pickleball court?, new sign?  Held for future discussion

   c.      Social and Communication

         1.    Picnic invitations are designed and ready to go.  On Hold for now

   d.     Architectural Committee

         1.    Clearview home had foundation in

         2.    Alm Ct. – plastic used for water diversion

   e.     Rules and Regulation Committee

         1.    On going


V.          Old Business

   a.     Community Park floor/wallwork and handicap accessibility

         1.    Quote for approx $5500

   b.     Street erosion still needs completion – Steph to email

VI.          Adjourned meeting at approx. 11am

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