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Swiss Village East Annual Meeting

Saturday Oct 12, 2019

10:00 – 11:30 AM

Northwood Lodge

Call In (605) 468-8001 at prompt 538739#


Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order -10:01 AM


  1. Roll Call

    1. Board Members-    Lonne Petroskey, Mark Berghoef, Aleta Berghoef, Rob Poupard, Brad Whalley (phone), Stephanie Koppe, Julie Woods

    2. Other Members and Visitors- Ralph Crosslin, Allen Wolf, Dennis Melton, Kurt and Kelly Shoecraft, Al Leach, Donna Crisione



  1. Approval of July Meeting Minutes- Aleta and Rob approved


  1. Elections

Rob Poupard, Lonne Petroskey, and Mark Berghoef are reelected to the board while Julie Musial-Woods and Stephanie Koppe are newly elected to the board.


  1. Treasurer’s Report-

    1. Financial Report



     Rob and Aleta approve this financial report for October 2019.


  1. Property ownership changes

    1. There are 3 new property owners since the July meeting.  Aleta will coordinate to deliver Ownership packages to each of the new property owners.

  2.  Other


  1. Old Business – Complete

    1. Speed limit signs - $1000 approved (8 x $125 ea.)

      1. Signs are in place and this item can be considered closed.

    2. Easement for SVE entrance sign- Allan

      1. The easement documentation is complete and this item can be considered closed

    3. Improve entrance landscaping. Board approved $1000.

    4. Clearing of fallen trees in Riverside park - Need to approve additional funds

      1. The board made a motion to approve the $400 extra for the tree service.  Aleta and Rob approved.

    5. Board member community walk through – Did not discuss the walk-through in detail during the meeting.

    6. Replace boards on Riverwalk – Brad Whalley and Rick McCarren replaced the boards in late summer.


  1. Old Business – Execution Pending

    1. Pavilion floor

      1. Lonne provided a quote to the board showing new concrete slab, wall and access ramp design for $4700.  A committee will be formed to evaluate this project in further detail.  (Maintenance Committee)

    2. Street corner Erosion – Township agreed to repair.

      1. Brad will work with Heidi to follow up on the status of street corner repairs.


  1. Old Business – decisions pending

    1. Approach to enforcement opportunities –

      1. A note was mentioned during the meeting that dues are incorrect on the website.

      2. During the meeting, it was agreed that Operating Guidelines can be established to provide modern direction to the original By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.  A Committee lead by Julie Woods will work on this project for the next 9 months.  The committee team is Julie Woods, Stephanie Koppe, Ralph Crosslin, Lonne Petroskey, and Allen Wolf.


  1. New Business

    1. Standing Committee Structure –

      1. New Committees will be set in place to tackle action items in their respective areas.  Each committee lead can choose their team members as needed.

        1. Communications and Social Committee-       Lead by Aleta Berghoef

        2. Architectural Committee-                              Lead by Rob Poupard

        3. Maintenance Committee-                               Lead by Brad Whalley

        4. Finance Committee-                                       Lead by Lonne Petroskey

        5. Ad hoc Committee-                                        Lead by Ralph Crosslin

Motion to approve these committees- Approved by Lonne and Aleta


  1. Rob brought up an idea to improve the south side of the road by Riverside park.  Al also had some examples for improving the surface in that area. 

    1. This idea can be further evaluated by the Maintenance Committee 


  1. Calendar

    1. Confirm January –To be determined


  1. Adjournment -  11:30AM

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