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Swiss Village East Meeting

Saturday July 13, 2019

10:00 – 11:30 AM

Lonne Petroskey’s Home

Call In (605) 468-8001 at prompt 538739#


Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order –Meeting called to order at 10:00AM


  1. Roll Call

    1. Board Members-

      1. Aleta Berghoef, Mark Berghoef, Brad Whalley, Rick McCarren, Lonne Petroskey, Mike Sherman, Heidi Shaffer, Bob Durga, Rob Poupard

    2. Other Members and Visitors-

      1. Roger Fulkerson, Al Leach, Ralph Crosslin, Nicole Sherman


  1.  Approval of April Meeting Minutes-

    1. Lonne made motion to accept April 2019 meeting minutes.  Second approval from Brad Whalley


  1. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Financial Report


    3. Financial report approved by Rob and seconded by Brad.

    4. Property ownership changes

      1. Mike and Sandy Hill are now moved in completely.

      2. Ensure all new members are updated in the directory.  Lonne will provide Aleta proper information

    5.  Other

      1. The board agreed to move accounts to Alden State Bank.  Lonne will handle the transition.


  1. Old Business – Complete

    1. Picnic Preparation


  1. Old Business – Execution pending

    1. Speed limit signs - $1000 approved (8 x $125 ea.)

      1. Signs are approved and are scheduled for installation later this year

    2. Easement for SVE entrance sign- Please see Lonne or Rob for a copy.

    3. Improve entrance landscaping. Board approved $1000.

    4. Clearing of fallen trees in Riverside park board approved via email $2000. 

      1. Action to clear will be in the August September timeframe of 2019. Brad approved and Lonne seconded the approval. 


  1. Old Business – decisions pending

    1. Timber harvest decision for winter of 2020  - Heidi- The board voted to close this item.  No further action will be taken by SVEPOA board at this time.

    2. “Blue House” construction site – Forward progress, however full permission of the project and timeframe is unknown.  This has brought up the topic of sending a letter to a property owner involved with a project asking about the project plan and time of project completion.  Mark will help construct such a letter for future use.**

    3. Mailbox Proposal – Rick- Decision was made to table this topic for future discussion

    4. Pavilion flooring proposal – Motion was made to approve up to, and no more than $6,000.00 to add a concrete slab and handicap ramp.  Also add new picnic tables, and move existing concrete table to Riverside Park.  Brad approved, and Bob seconded the motion.

    5. Facebook page proposal- Julie

    6. Road erosion – Heidi confirmed the township has agreed to fix the SVEPOA eroded street corners.  No timeframe established at this point.


  1. New Business

    1. Proposal to create/add to a plan that addresses property construction and/or maintenance.  Mark will help construct the letter.

    2. Replace old boards on the river boardwalk.  Lonne and Brad to coordinate the effort.

    3. The board agreed to do an Association “walk-through” to get an up-to-date condition of all areas of the property.  Mike and Brad volunteered to coordinate.


  1. Calendar

    1. Confirm Oct meeting

      1. October 12th. Allen’s house


  1. Adjournment –meeting adjourned at 10:59AM

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